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Only a couple of kilometres north of Bargara, Mon Repos is famous as the largest and most accessible turtle rookery in mainland Australia. During the day, Mon Repos is popular for swimming and sailing; however, the turtle nests must be taken into account. No dogs are allowed on the beach and beach umbrellas should not be used above the high water mark as they may damage the eggs.

At the southern end of the beach, the estuary of Coachhouse Creek drains a tidal mangrove community. A variety of wildlife can be seen in this area. Bert Hinkler's historic glider flights happened here and at the age of nineteen, he attained the height of 30 feet in his first solo effort. The Kanaka Wall is a well-preserved piece of history. Kanakas were Melanesians from the South Pacific Islands who were indentured to work in Queensland canefields during the period from 1879 to 1904. Part of their work was to clear volcanic rocks to allow cultivation of fields. The rocks were packed together to form fences and these could be seen all over the district.