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AvSafety Seminar - Bundaberg

AvSafety Seminar - Bundaberg

On March 25, 2020

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CASA Aviation Safety Advisors will be delivering a new AvSafety seminar in 2020 titled “Enhancing pilot skills - Expect the unexpected"

This seminar will discuss three key safety topics

  • Preflight Planning

  • Aeronautical Decision Making

  • Checklists

The seminar will discuss how sound planning practices can prepare pilots for unexpected events and assist decision making in all phases of flight. The seminar will review the resources available and provide practical hints and tips to help pilots operate safely and efficiently. The information is designed to enhance and refresh pilots knowledge at all levels.

Using practical examples, the seminar will also explore the role of checklists and highlight the importance of a disciplined approach to their use.

The seminars are an ideal opportunity for industry to interact with CASA, discuss local issues and ask questions of the regulator.

Registration for AvSafety Seminars will be through Eventbrite and attendance is free.

Help make the Skies safe for all, attend a CASA AvSafety seminar in 2020.

For all enquiries or if you have any special requirements please contact your local Aviation Safety Advisor on 131 757.

Stay up-to-date with CASA’s AvSafety Seminars by subscribing to the ‘AvSafety Seminars’ mailing list at https://mailinglist.casa.gov.au/?p=subscribe&id=3

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