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Writing Instruments Recycling Program

Writing Instruments Recycling Program

On February 14, 2020

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The Recycling Program – collection bins Now at Artisans 4670 in Bargara

Writing Instruments Recycling Program accepts all brands of used pens, mechanical pencils, markers, highlighters, correction fluid and correction tape.

The collected waste is converted into a variety of raw materials and made into new products. Across 20 countries, TerraCycle has diverted over seven billion pieces of ‘non-recyclable’ waste from landfill and incineration and raised close to $45 million for schools and charities worldwide.

Educating current and future generations about sustainability is an important focus for us, and our TerraCycle partnership not only allows us to do this, but also provides the opportunity to use our recycled materials to give back to local communities in the form of parks and playground equipment.

We want to do everything we can to protect our planet and all the amazing animals in it for generations to come.

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