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Online Booking & Distribution - Bundaberg (DR)

Online Booking & Distribution - Bundaberg (DR)

On May 07, 2020

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This workshop is aimed at increasing your sales potential and growing the leads into your business. It not only focuses on online booking technologies for your website, but also covers the following topics:

- Your customers' purchase behaviours: understand the latest trends in consumer decision making when it comes to planning their next holiday

- Fundamentals of creating a distribution strategy: learn what is involved in having a balanced distribution strategy and how to choose the most relevant channels for your ideal guest

- Introduction to working with distributors: understand what is involved in selling through third parties, the benefits, costs and opportunities to increase your marketing exposure

- Choosing the best online booking solutions: learn about the most popular online booking technologies for your website and third party distribution and the steps involved in successfully implementing a new system

- Optimising your website for direct business: there is no point in having online booking on your website if your website is not meeting the needs of the online traveller. Over 90% of people turn to the internet when planning their holidays and this topic will teach the fundamentals of having a conversion-friendly website.

*Please note that should minimum attendee numbers not be met, event dates maybe subject to change*



  • Digital innovation is transforming the way we work, live and travel.

  • Queensland is well positioned to become a global leader in digital capabilities.

  • Queensland tourism operators with strong digital capability can leverage existing and emerging technologies to develop a skilled workforce and create enhanced visitor experiences.

  • The Queensland Government encourages the tourism industry to be active participants in their digital transformation and to reap the benefits of enhanced capability, improved efficiency and increased productivity in their workplace.

  • Technology will infiltrate the entire tourism ecosystem, impacting every aspect of the visitor journey.

  • The popularity of smartphones has led to an increased consumer expectation of business digital literacy, including functional websites, automated online booking systems and integrated social media channels.

  • Tourism operators are increasingly looking to social media to gather visitor insights and tailor customer experiences.

Business Eligibility

Businesses must be eligible for assessment in the Best of Queensland Experiences Program (BoQE) to participate in year 2 of the Queensland Tourism Industry Business Capability Program. Micro, small and medium businesses across all sectors of the tourism industry are encouraged to participate.

A tourism business is defined as a business that provides a direct service or experience to the leisure tourist and operates within ONE of the following categories:

  • Accommodation

  • Attraction

  • Food and Drink

  • Events

  • Tour

  • Hire

  • Transport

  • General Service

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