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Scaling for Business / Life Balance

Scaling for Business / Life Balance

On November 04, 2020

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Strategy Masterclass for Business Owners with accountants and financial planners, Electra Frost Advisory and Honey & Hive Wealth Management

About this Event

Presented by local Agnes Water, licenced professional advisers:

  • Electra Frost (Alex), Business Accountant & Adviser, Director of Electra Frost Advisory Pty Ltd
  • Bianca Dezotti, Financial Planner, Director of Honey & Hive Wealth Management Pty Ltd

Imagine if you knew what was going to happen in the future. How differently would you run your business today?

You can't predict the future, but you can create it.

Small business owners are working harder than ever in 2020. If you feel like you are stuck in groundhog day, trading time for money and not sure where it's all headed, this masterclass is for you.

If you want a profitable business that achieves your personal financial and life goals, book into our masterclass. As a business owner, claiming this time to work on your business rather than in it may be critical to your long-term success.

Electra Frost and Bianca Dezotti will connect you with a VISION and get you working on a strategic plan that will set you up for a sustainable future.

You’ll take away a blueprinta documented analysis of a vision for your business that aligns with optimising your personal outcomes, that you can use in productive discussions with your advisers.

About us:

Electra Frost Advisory – Our mission is to lead Central Qld small business owners to the information they need to scale their businesses without the overwhelm AND to provide the accountability needed to help them get there.

Honey & Hive Wealth Management - Our mission is to make financial decision-making a delightful experience. Authentic Communication is about being who we are and acts as the enabler to decision-making.

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