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Welcoming Turtle season Crystal Bowl Sound Meditation @ Mon Repos Beach

Welcoming Turtle season Crystal Bowl Sound Meditation @ Mon Repos Beach

On September 20, 2021

At 161 Mon Repos Rd, Mon Repos QLD 4670, Australia161 Mon Repos Rd, Mon Repos QLD 4670, Australia



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Join us in welcoming turtle season with a Crystal Bowl Sound Meditation at Mon Repos Beach. Bliss out and send the turtles your good vibes.

Contact name: Sacred Sounds (Lisa)

Contact phone number: 0438555551

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Free Community Event. It's been a long time since we last played Crystal Singing Bowls on the beach at Mon Repos, maybe 10 years? Last time it was a very special experience with the singing bowls literally silent, no sound coming from them, this had never happened to us before. Uncertain what to do we reached for the antique Tibetan bowl, over 200 years old playing it for a full ten minutes until a very very unusual loud sound vibrated from deep off shore that some felt was portal opening, others thought it was whale, whatever it was, all the crystal bowls starting singing after that.... Everyone could hear the sound environment change from a flat, tired sound to a brimming with joy and excitment. We even had a king kangaroo stand and watch over the meditators as they lay on their mats in the early dawn. This time, we shall be playing at twilight, towards the end of the day and we look forward to seeing the adventures that unravel, the sound of the bowls, the beautiful energy of all the meditators as together we send love and welcoming, nurturing vibes to the land, sea and turtles, welcoming them and giving thanks for the blessing. Bring a yoga mat, beach towel, rug, cushion etc and give yourself lots of time to settle, the parking and walk down to the beach takes some time. You might also like to bring a torch to light your way back. Relax and enjoy the serenity as you watch the sun go down This session is predominately crystal singing bowls blending with the sounds of the ocean. Perfect for all levels meditators and anyone who wants to celebrate nature with blissful sounds all around them. It's our honour to join with you as together we celebrate the sacred space that is Mon Repos Beach and take a moment to connect to our heartspace collectively during this special sound meditation. Looking forward to sharing the serenity with you.



2021-09-20 02:30:00
2021-09-20 02:30:00