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Home Food Production Workshops at Gin

Home Food Production Workshops  at Gin

On December 11, 2021

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Learn how to grow and produce your own food using Permaculture principles!!!

Join us for a wonderful weekend immersion in Home Food Production practices to implement at home.

(1 or 2 days)

?Day One

  • 09.30-12.30, Mozzarella, Feta, & Halloumi Cheeses
  • 13.30- 16.30, Sourdough Bread, & Lactic Fermented Foods

?Day Two

  • 09.30-16.30, Growing Tropical Vegetables in a Food Forest Garden


  • $75 for one workshop
  • $130 for two workshops
  • $230 for the full weekend or
  • $130 for the tropical vegetable course only

Refund Policy

We have no refund policy but if circumstances change due to COVID-19 regulations, there will be a postponement of the workshops with a new date selected or money refunded according to people's wishes. Tickets are transferable anytime at any location.

?Day One Details

Cheese glorious cheese!!! Stop spending good money on cheese when you can make your own.

  • 09.30-12.30, Mozzarella, Feta, and Halloumi Cheeses

Mozzarella, Haloumi, and Feta are three fresh cheeses that you can learn how to make in your own kitchen without specialised equipment. You don’t need your own cow to make cheese as shop-bought milk will work just as well. This workshop is aimed at the beginner and you will soon see that it’s quite easy to make your own delicious cheeses.

  • 13.30- 16.30, Sourdough Bread, and Lactic Fermented Foods

Learn also how to make your own delicious sourdough bread, wraps, sourdough crackers, and fermented foods inc. sauerkraut, fermented bean pate, tomato sauce, and fermented fruit paste. Make easy sourdough bread from scratch and learn how to create living throbbing with probiotic life lactic fermented foods. Everyone takes home a loaf of bread to bake at home that evening.

These workshops are aimed at the beginner. All these foods will greatly increase the health of both you and your family as they taste the delicious creations you will soon be making for them.

?Day Two Details

Learn how to grow abundant vegetable gardens all year round!

Learn how to grow tropical vegetables in a food forest garden in all tropical climates.

Tropical vegetables are ideal in our hot dry/wet summers. We can grow many of our favourite vegetables throughout most of the year. Unfortunately, when the summer heat strikes, most of our plants just seem to wilt away. Nevertheless, this is when we can have abundant yields from sweet Potatoes, Cassava, Taro, Cocoyams and so many more!

This exciting way of gardening will give you much pleasure in yielding nutrient-dense food while at the same time creating a microclimate that is pleasant to be in.


  • ? Garden anywhere in any hot climatic zone
  • ? Permaculture solutions for edible landscapes
  • ? Tropical vegetables
  • ? Support plants
  • ? Food forest gardening intro
  • ? Built-in pest control
  • ?Designing the food forest garden
  • ? and more.......

? Includes morning and afternoon tea

? Seeds and planting material to be given away to get you started

Here's what some of our recent cheesemakers and fermenters said about their workshops:

The 3 workshops over the past couple of days were so well organised and run. You have such a depth of knowledge and a wonderful teaching style which made it so enjoyable and easy to understand. I feel totally inspired by what I have learned and can't wait to start making my own ferments and dairy products. Thank you"


"Just want to say how wonderful this course was. My attempts on making the food have all worked out so far. I just loved it and would recommend to anyone that cares about their food to get more fermented food into their diet." Rita"Went to the whole day sourdough, brie, feta, etc workshop at Cooroy last weekend and highly recommend this. Elizabeth is so knowledgeable plus really easy to follow and makes the task at hand so much less daunting. Had a really inspiring day."


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