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The Australian Gary the Goat Movie screening tour - Bundaberg, QLD

The Australian Gary the Goat Movie screening tour - Bundaberg, QLD

On September 20, 2018

At Bundaberg Central QLD 4670, Australia Bundaberg Central QLD 4670, Australia

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Jimbo here.

I've spent the last six months creating the Gary the goat full length Movie.

It's the story of 'Jimbo and Gary's Aussie Aussie Odyssey'.

Six years of travelling around Australia culminating in Gary's tear-jerking death by lethal injection because of cancer.

You'll have tears of laughter throughtout the movie until the end where you'll have tears of sadness....over a goat.

Everyone loved Gary.

Gary represented the fun, larrikin side of Australia which is now fast disappearing due to political correctness - in order to stop people being 'offended'!?

What did Gary think about all these laws and regulations that are now anhililating the fun and harmless side of Australian culture?

Gary didn't give a fuck...except when he was chock-a-block up Linda's goats (all caught on film).

This movie is old school Australia... 'Crocodile Dundee on meth'.

Invite a friend or buy a ticket for a friend if you can't make it.

Tix are $15 pre-booked online (fully refundable) or $20 at the door.

I will be presenting the movie with some stand-up comedy plus a Q&A at the end.

Proceeds go towards Gary's taxidermy (shagging another goat) and a Gary statue (with a bubbler coming outta his cock) plus paying for post-production on the move so I can hopefully release the Gary movie in theatres (if they let me!?)

Firstly though, I will be trying to pay for my family (keeping us together) on the road.

If that works (it's getting pretty hard now for a bloke to keep his family together these days!), I'll the pick up Kevin the Cunt down the coast (in Canberra around December) and start the process of making another goat movie....if Kevin doesn't put me in jail first.

I know I'm a mug for inviting so much chaos into my life again (cops, trolls, finances) especially with Kevin (his owner says he's still a cunt) - but I'm gunna 'have a go'.

A big thank you to everyone who supports me - especially with this movie.

To me it's the ultimate tribute to Gary's life - and the forgotten towns of Australia.

Gary merch (and movie tickets) can also be found at www.garythegoat.tv

In particular, Gary Rum and Gary vapes can be found here:

Gary Rum - deliviered to your door (in Australia only)


Gary eJuice - delivered to your door (Australia only)


2018-09-20 06:00:00
2018-09-20 06:00:00