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Forensics – Fingerprinting Mystery

Forensics – Fingerprinting Mystery

On August 14, 2018

At 49 Woondooma St, Bundaberg Central QLD 4670, Australia 49 Woondooma St, Bundaberg Central QLD 4670, Australia


07 4130 4134

Categories: Community


A fun workshop that explores the use of fingerprinting techniques in forensics. Participants will engage with forensic finger printing to solve a crime and save the day.

The Finger Printing Mystery will be a hands on workshop allowing participants to experience and utilize forensic equipment that is used by actual forensic experts around the world daily.

Participants will be fingerprinting cards and using ink pads. Then they will dust tiles to reveal fingerprints and using powder, brushes and gel lift to extract the evidence. There will be a mystery that needs to be solved and detailed analysis will be the only sure way to catch the perpetrator.

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