Safety on the Reef with Lady Musgrave Experience

Q. What if I have little/no snorkelling experience?

That’s ok! We want everyone to have the chance to snorkel with our incredible marine life. All our snorkelling activities have in-water guides who carry lifebuoys so you’ll be able to spot them easily. They’ll also show you how to snorkel and comfortably use the equipment. We strongly recommend that those with little experience stay with our friendly guides.

Q. What if I’m alone? Can I snorkel with a buddy?

Our in-water guides love having friends to snorkel with. They’ll show you the best places to explore and know where all the marine life hang out.

Q. Can I just relax and float around the reef rather than snorkelling?

Of course! We have floatation/snorkelling vests and pool noodles for those who just wish to float on the surface. This way, all the fish and turtles do the work and come to you!

Q. What if I have medical issues or take medication? Does this mean I can’t snorkel or dive?

Not necessarily! However, it’s important that all medical conditions and medications are brought to the crews’ attention. This is so we can keep an extra special eye on you and can make any necessary adjustments. If you do have a medical condition, we advise that you check with your doctor before snorkelling or diving as these activities can be strenuous.

Q. What if I want to snorkel without a guide?

Of course, you can do that. Just be sure to stick with a buddy, stay inside the ropes/buoys and only swim to your fitness level. Our in-water guides are also always available for any assistance.

Q. Do I have to swim very far to see marine life?

Not at all. Our snorkelling areas are close by the boat and within a sheltered and protected reef lagoon. The reef edge where you will be snorkelling is often within touching distance so there’s no need to venture far from the boat.

Q. Is there anything I need to do before jumping in the water?

Before snorkelling with turtles and manta rays, you’ll be given a safety briefing outlining the guidelines for the day. This prepares you for your snorkelling adventure and means you’ll be ready to explore the reef. Once you’ve let crew know about any medical issues or medication, you can be fitted with your mask, snorkel and fins!

Q. Are the crew trained in emergencies?

All our crew are well-prepared for emergency situations and are trained in senior first aid, oxygen delivery and AEDs. A permanent lookout is also stationed on the upper deck in a bright yellow vest with a radio and whistle, and our crew on the lower deck are on standby with an inflatable tender.