Mon Repos Turtle Centre Nightly Report

Information for the night of 20/03/2022 to 12 am

  Nesting Turtles
Emerged but did
not lay
Hatching clutches
(Jan - Mar)
Individual Turtles
to date
Turtle Species
Nightly Turtles - - 3 350 Loggerhead
  - - - 9 Flatback
  - - - 5 Green
Nightly Visitors 91        
Nightly Visitors to date 16615        


Turtle Encounters visitor groups went to the beach at 7:40 pm and 9:05 pm 

Please note: this turtle update is a reflection of the nightly turtle activities through to 12:00 am.
Individual turtles numbers are periodically updated and are an indication of turtle numbers for the Woongarra Coast.
All information is provided by Queensland Parks and Wildlife. 

Queensland Parks and Wildlife