Bass and Barra Trail Lake Monduran

If it's freshwater fishing heaven you're after, it's here on the Bass to Barra Trail. This is a fantastic freshwater fishing road trip with locations for both keen anglers and grey nomads looking to see just what the South Burnett, Biloela, Gladstone, Bundaberg, North Burnett and Fraser Coast regions have to offer.

As this trail winds its way through the country you will cover nearly 1000 kilometres kicking off in the South Burnett and looping in a semi-circle back to Hervey Bay.

Get angling for fishing's biggest prizes on this nine day freshwater hot-spot rail, bag a Barra, catch a Mangrove Jack or lure a Saratoga - once you're hooked you won't look back.

All this time in a car makes for good yarns and war story swapping around rigs, jigs and fingerlings and about braids and spools and schools and what you may (or may not have) caught.

Part of the Bass to Barra Trail are Lake Barambah (Bass and Yellowbelly); if the fish aren't biting catch Redclaw (Crayfish), Lake Boondooma, Lake Wuruma (bass, Yellowbelly and basic camping facilities) and Lake Cania (great fishing and lots for the family to do as well, including bush-walking in the gorge or just relaxing in either of the two campgrounds near the dam) adjacent to the Cania Gorge National Park.

Your journey of fishing paradise will lead you north to the majestic view that is Lake Callide (no camping facilities but Biloela is just a short 15 minute drive away) and then Lake Awoonga just outside of Gladstone. Lake Awoonga is the only spot on the trail that you don't need a stock impounding permit, so make sure if you are checking our any of the other destinations, get your licences in place.

Lake Awoonga Recreation Area

Next stop is Lake Monduran, the largest of the destinations in the trail and also home to a world record Barra which weighed in at 44 kilograms! Our locals hot tip is that due to the efforts of Monduran Anglers and Stocking Association, this dam over the next few years will shine. Facilities at Monduran include cabins, guest houses, powered and unpowered camp sites and camp kitchens.
Lake Paradise and Lake Lenthall are the final two stops on the journey ending up in Hervey Bay. It is a very scenic dam to fish and both the Bass and Barra will respond to most types of lures and there are only unpowered campsites available at this location.

Most of the destinations on the trail have great camping, accommodation and other recreational facilities such as boardwalks, barbecues and picnic spots so be sure to make the most of the hours between sunrise and sunset.


There is a schedule of big fishing competitions mainly held in February to March and September to November annually so be sure to check in - you could be named the next big winner.

So if the lure of Bass and Barra is too much to take, may the fish be biting, may their weights and lengths be long and may you bag a big one on this fishing adventure trail.