Celebrating Flavour in the Bundaberg North Burnett Region

Marguerite Conroy-Mills from The Red Shed

The abundant farms that line the roads of the Bundaberg North Burnett Region are no mystery to locals, but it has not always been this way. Flashback 50 years ago and you could just about guarantee that everyone was connected to our beautiful produce, whether they were a farmer, the wife of a farmer, they ate local, they worked for the farmer or they had farming heritage in their blood. However, with the introduction of mass chain green grocers the connection between the farmers and the community faded, and the long lines of farming history were no longer remembered.

A variety of vegetables on offer at last year's Bundy Flavours & Winterfeast Farmers Markets

Noticing a disconnect between farmers and the community Bundy Flavours was created. Bundy Flavours start as a way for farmers to showcase their produce and to reconnect with locals. Now, 5 years later the festival has seen a spike in visitor numbers, led to many business opportunities for our farmers and has re-engaged the community.

Bundy Flavours live cooking demonstrations.

This year Bundy Flavours and Winterfeast Farmers Markets will be hosting a day of live cooking demonstrations, food, farming information and, of course, fresh produce on sale from our farmers. Save the date for a morning of family fun and culinary delights.

Come meet our incredible farmers and producers at this year's 'Bundy Flavours & Winterfeast Farmers Markets', for more information click here, entry is FREE!