Shh... Secret Off-Menu Cocktails You Can Order Tonight!

Escorro Sundowner (Credit: Bargara Brewing Company)

1. Escorro Sundowner

Escorro Honey Murcott Vermouth is made from 100 % Sweetie Honey Murcott Mandarins grown by Kevin Parr and his family on Glen Grove Orchard, between Munduberra and Gayndah. Escorro is fermented to 14% with a proprietary yeast strain and spices from a Family (Richard Holme, Bargara Brewing Co. owner Jack Milbank's Great Great Grandfather) recipe originating from Naples, Italy in 1865. The Name Escorro originates from his Grandfathers Orchard in Rhodesia Scorror Estate, on which the Vermouth was made from 1965-1979. Production then moved to his Uncle, also Richard Holme from 1980 - 2001. Escorro has been brought back to life by the Bargara Brewing Company in 2017.

60ml x Bargara Brewing Company Escorro Honey Murcott Vermouth
200ml Bundaberg Brewed Drink Blood Orange
Fill with Soda water
Garnish with fresh Munduberra orange zest

Where can I drink this? Bargara Brewing Company 'The Brewhouse', 10 Tantitha St, Bundaberg
Or try this beverage out with a group of your best mates at 'Brewfeast 2017' or 'Backstage Pass @ The Brewhouse' book your tickets today!


Milky Way Cocktail (Credit: Riverfeast)

2. Milky Way

Looking for something sweet and a little bit naughty to celebrate the end of the working week? Look no more with this secret off-menu boozy chocolate cocktail you can order at Riverfeast's Grinners Bar tonight!

a nip of Kalki Moon Classic Liqueur - Chocolate Hazelnut Vanilla
a dash of Pure Baffle Cream
a sprinkle of Nannas Pantry organic dark chocolate/raw hazelnuts as a garnish

Where can I drink this? Riverfeast 'Grinners Bar', 1A Scotland St, Bundaberg East
Or try this drink out at the 'Chilli & Lime Fiesta @ Riverfeast' during Winterfeast!


Sneaky Tiki (Credit: The Waves Sports Club)

3. Sneaky Tiki

Take a trip to stunning islands without even leaving the comforts of Bundaberg, with the secret off-menu cocktail from The Waves Sports Club. The 'Sneaky Tiki' will have you dreaming of faraway places and white sand beaches.

Bundaberg Small Batch Rum
Licor 43
Lemonade Topper
Built over Crushed Ice
Garnished with Fresh, Local Lime from BeeMart
Served in a Hurricane Glass

Where can I drink this? The Waves Sports Club, 1 Miller St, Bundaberg


The Bundy Mule (Credit: Kelly's Beach Resort Restaurant)

4. The Bundy Mule

Support our newest Distiller in town, Kalki Moon, at Kelly's Beach Resort Restaurant! Their Gin and Vodka are another great local product to hit market, add in Linda's Bundy Limes, Anthony's Bunda Ginga pickled ginger, the iconic Bundaberg Brewed Drinks Ginger Beer along with a few other local ingredients and you have a tantalising Bundy Mule, taken off the traditional Moscow Mule.


30ml Kalki Moon Vodka
15ml Kalki Moon Gin
90ml Bundaberg Brewed Drinks ginger beer
15ml Bundy Lime's Juice
2 slices of Bundy Lime's
3 pieces Bunda Ginga
A pinch of Bundaberg raw sugar

Where can I drink this? Kelly's Beach Resort Licenced Restaurant, 6 Trevors Rd, Bargara


Bundaberg Rum Black and Dry (Credit: Bundaberg Rum)

5. Bundaberg Rum Black and Dry

Next time you are on a tour at Bundy Rum, order the 'Bundaberg Rum Black and Dry' for a refreshing, local, rum twist on scotch and dry. Alternatively, you can try this delicious drink along with an assortment of rum-inspired cocktails at this years 'Cocktails At The Bundaberg Rum Distillery', book your tickets here!

45ml Bundaberg Black 12 Year Old Rum
Chocolate Bitters
Ginger Ale
Mint Sprigs and Lime Slices

Where can I drink this? The Bundaberg Rum Distillery, Hill St, Bundaberg East
Or 'Cocktails At The Bundaberg Rum Distillery', book now!