Family, Farming and Front-Stage

Suellen Cusack-Greensill (Credit: Moncrieff Entertainment Centre)

Local, professional singer Suellen Cusack-Greensill is no stranger to being front stage with performances at the Roy Thompson Hall in Toronto and Lincoln Centre on Broadway New York City earning her accolades in the music industry. This year the songstress will be performing at 'Women In Voice', a celebration of local voices. 'Women In Voice' has seen immense interest from locals and visitors, with Winterfeast food and show packages selling out quickly. Well known among locals this sweet-natured singer, and new mother also has ties to the rich farming heritage in the Bundaberg North Burnett Region.

Greensill Farming (Credit: Suellen Cusack-Greensill)

Growing up in the Bundaberg North Burnett region Suellen had many friends and connections within the farming and culinary industries, one of which, led to her marriage to Peter Greensill from Greensill Farming. This talented woman works tirelessly to support her singing career, her family and encourage the growth of her husband's family business, harmoniously blending being a mother, wife and career woman.

Women In Voice (Credit: Moncrieff Entertainment Centre)

While you can find Suellen on stage performing at various events and venues all over the world and Australia, she would much rather be at home with her beautiful daughter, Estelle and husband, Peter. Recognising a growing interest in the arts in the Bundaberg North Burnett, and the inability to attend big shows in capital cities a problem for a large portion of the population, Suellen hopes to grow the industry, bring more big acts to town and emphasize local talent. After working all over the world there is still no place she'd rather be then home with her family in the Bundaberg North Burnett Region.

Come support local songstresses Suellen Cusack-Greensill, Ruby Mills, Natalie Greer and Jessica Modolo at 'Women In Voice', show only tickets available for purchase here.