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Healing Temple - Womens therapeutic circle

Healing Temple - Womens therapeutic circle

On July 27, 2019

At Tantitha St, Bundaberg Central QLD 4670, AustraliaTantitha St, Bundaberg Central QLD 4670, Australia


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Welcome to the Healing Temple. A place to slow down, heal, rest and reconnect.

6 Women. 6 months. A new beginning.

Every woman is longing to be seen, to be heard, to be held. To tell her story. To feel safe.

The Healing Temple program is a monthly therapeutic circle where women come together to expand in self-awareness, self-acceptance, love and deep healing.

Gathering in a sacred circle to share our challenges, our pain and our joys is an ancient practice that has the power to support you to come back in deep connection with yourself and with each other. We are biologically wired to be in connection and to feel safe with each other. Through cultivating safe relationships, we feel grounded, secure, and capable of facing our challenges that are hard to face alone.

"Being able to feel safe with other people is probably the most important aspect of mental health; safe connections are fundamental to meaning and satisfying lives." -Bessell A. van der Kolk

As a part of the circle, you will be trusted by others to come without judgement, to share wisdom and to be open to new beginnings and new connections. The Healing Temple is a safe space for all women, regardless of situations, and offers a place to heal among others who understand and acknowledge your journey. We ask that you come as you are, and with a commitment to your own healing path.

The practices developed in the Temple are intended for everyday use. Grounded in The Somatic Awakening Method, these practices focus on key areas known to improve wellbeing and encourage deep personal healing and connection. Focus areas include:

*The nervous system, stress and trauma, and its impact on our mind and body.

*Mindfulness and somatic practices to shift overwhelm and cultivate resilience and emotional wellbeing

*Sacred women's practices to release the past and awaken your heart

*Embodiment (body-centred) practices to support a deeper connection to oneself

The temple is open to all women at any stage of life, who are seeking help to heal. We welcome those ‘who are longing for deeper self-connection’ or ‘who are seeking a deeper connection and understanding of oneself’ and those who are struggling with depression, anxiety, grief or trauma to come together to share their hearts and awaken in each other new ways of healing.

Why come to the Temple?

Experience the power of connecting with women through guided practices

Release yourself from past pain within group therapy sessions.

Learn techniques to help heal the body and mind.

Receive personal support from Carissa during sessions and open temple time.

Explore your body and mind and create space for deep healing and connection.

Your guide, Carissa Rodgers, is a Somatic Psychotherapist, Counsellor, Self Compassion Coach, Stress and Trauma Therapist and facilitator of Awakening and Embodiment practices.

My therapy practice is now full with a waitlist, the Healing Temple is a great way that we can work together.

Need to know:

What: The Healing Temple is a six-month program for up to six women

When: Monthly group sessions, 6-9pm on Fridays

June 28th, July 26th, August 23rd, Sept 20th, October 25th, November 22nd

Where: Peace Within the Loft

Cost: Total for the 6-month journey is $750 ($125 per session)

Secure your place with a $150 deposit with the remainder of $200 per month over 3 months or pay upfront and save $50.

For booking and payment details go here:


For enquiries or to schedule a 10-minute phone chat with Carissa to see if this is right for you email

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ain't nothing like a woman,

sparking life into you,

believing in you,

loving you.


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