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The Young King

The Young King

On August 17, 2019

Categories: Community


The Young King tells the story of a young boy born to a princess and a poor woodland man. Snatched from his parents as a baby, the Young King is raised by a kindly goatherd in a deep forest.

Years pass and the old King, father of the princess, nears the end of his life. The old king calls for the boy to be brought to the palace; there he tells him, “you are not a young goatherd, you are my grandson the Young King and heir to my throne.”

On the eve of his coronation, the Young King has three dreams from which he awakes, saddened. He shuns the costly robe, sceptre and crown he had demanded and reaches instead for his humble goatherd’s cloak and staff and a circlet of briar thorns for his head. His courtiers beseech him: “how shall the people know you are King?” The townsfolk laugh, then grow angry: “don’t you know, from your luxury comes our living?”

In turmoil, the Young King walks away from the palace to where the forest begins. And as the woodland welcomes him, he feels his heart and his step lighten. He turns to face the people and the sunlight beams down and weaves about him a robe brighter than gold, and his staff blossoms with lilies whiter than pearls, and his circlet of briar blooms with roses redder than rubies. And then he, and all the world around, knew he was King.

2019-08-17 20:30:00
2019-08-17 20:30:00