Childers is a storybook town positioned on the Bruce Highway whose streets and buildings still whisper reminders of the past. Be welcomed by rich red dirt farms, rolling hills and sweeping tree-lined streets, a popular stop for travellers.

Take a trip down memory lane and explore the historical hotspots of Childers. Stop by the Childers Visitor Information Centre in the Palace Building first, for some local information, and check out Childers Art Space and Backpacker Memorial. Make your next stop Gaydon’s Building, built in 1892 and home of the Childers Pharmaceutical Museum and the Old Pharmacy. Take a break and grab a local beer at a historic pub or relax for a Mammino’s Gourmet Ice-Cream at the restored 1920’s Paragon Theatre. You can also check out the preserved architecture of The Post Office (1887), The National Bank (1895), the Court House (1896) and Childers Historical Complex, home to a traditional heritage cottage (c1890).