Destination CAMPAIGNS

Bundaberg Tourism focuses on sharing remarkable, authentic visitor experiences that highlight the destinations point of difference in a crowded global marketplace, through targeted and strategic destination marketing.

We run a variety of integrated campaigns throughout the year which are designed to inspire and influence the purchasing decisions of our key target markets across the five stages of travel.

In this module, you'll learn about our major and supporting regional campaigns that are executed each year.

Marketing Activity Destination



Half Page 300x600Summer is a peak season for High Value Travelers on the Southern Great Barrier Reef.  The Summer campaign focuses on two of the Bundaberg region's hero experiences - the Southern Great Barrier Reef and the Turtles.

The Bundaberg region is the gateway to the Southern Great Barrier Reef. From the coral cays of Lady Elliot and Lady Musgrave Islands to the fringing reefs off the beaches, the region is seeing record visitation numbers as the world discovers this pristine and highly accessible wonderland.

The Bundaberg Turtle Season is a signature natural encounter experience for Queensland and a wonderful 'hook' for industry to leverage. The ranger-led encounter sees 30,000 visitors travel into region each summer to witness the miracle of life that is the Mon Repos Turtle Encounter.

The campaign runs from September through to March with activity placed around nesting and hatching phases of the turtle season.

September – March

Target Markets:
Intrastate HVT with kids market within a 400km radius of Bundaberg
Intrastate HVT 18-49 without kids market within a 400km radius of Bundaberg


Bundaberg Culinary Season Ad 2022With locally grown, made and produced food and drink across the Bundaberg region in abundance we are well-placed as a destination to highlight our culinary attributes.

Tourism and Events Queensland research highlights food and drink as a key factor in holiday decision making for High Value Travelers, while Tourism Australia recognises it as the most emotive trigger after world-class beauty.

The culinary campaign period runs from April to August and includes substantial advertising for the regional culinary offerings, as well as the annual Taste Bundaberg Festival and associated destination tourism campaign.

April – August

Target Markets:
Intrastate HVT without kids markets within a 400km radius of Bundaberg
Interstate HVT 50+ market from NSW & Victoria



Major events contribute to the Bundaberg regional economy; attract visitors; enhance the profile of the region; and foster community pride.  Many of these regional events take place in the cooler months of autumn, winter and spring, and to build out of region awareness of these, Bundaberg Tourism has introduced an annual Events Campaign

May – August

Target Markets:
Intrastate HVT markets within a 400km radius of Bundaberg
Interstate HVT 50+ markets from NSW & Victoria

Destination Events

BT works with BRC to run the out of region marketing for the Destination Events of Childers Festival (July), Taste Bundaberg Festival (August) and Milbi Festival (October/November).

Campaign Design


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