Mon Repos Turtle Faqs

The 2023/2024 Turtle Season has come to an end!
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General Questions

A: The Mon Repos Turtle Encounter season for 2023 - 2024 runs from November to March (as it depends entirely on the turtles, it may not be for the entire of November or March).

A: Ranger-guided Turtle Encounters operate seven nights a week from Monday 6th November to Sunday 17th March (subject to change) excluding nights 24, 25 and 31 December.

A: Turtle Encounter tours run from 6.30pm onwards. Nesting turtles can arrive anytime during the night and are best viewed after dark, from November to January, though there can still be regular nesting into mid-February.

A: Hatchlings usually start emerging sporadically in early January with the largest concentration of hatchlings from February. Hatchling tours then continue through to mid March.

A: If you wish to book your ticket for tonight's tour, please phone before 2 pm. All ticket sales for that night’s experience close at 2 pm daily. If you are travelling to Bundaberg the day you wish to attend a turtle tour, please call prior to your departure to check availability as tickets are very limited.

Booking Tickets

A: You can book online at, over the phone by calling 1300 722 099 or in person at the Bundaberg or Childers Visitor Information Centre’s.

A: The Turtle Encounter is extremely popular, so tickets can only be pre-booked and prepaid online; over the phone on 1300 722 099; or in person at the Bundaberg or Childers Visitor Information Centre’s.

A: No, sorry. If you've missed out on your date of choice, please sign up to our waitlist in case of any last-minute cancellations. Unfortunately, any no-shows on the night are not reallocated. Check online or ask our friendly Visitor Information Centre teams for the next available tour date. The waitlist will be open once tickets are released.

A: The group you are in is automatically allocated based on the date you purchase your ticket. We are unable to accommodate requests to be grouped together, so we suggest you all book together in one transaction. Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service Rangers may be required to alter tour groups, due to turtle events or other factors that may arise.

A: No. The Turtle Encounter is extremely popular, so tickets can only be pre-booked and prepaid online; over the phone on 1300 722 099; or in person at the Bundaberg or Childers Visitor Information Centre’s. Ticket sales close at 2pm for that evening’s tour, if spots are still available.

A: Family: A family is a group of up to 4 related people, comprising of 2 adults and 2 children.

Child: A child is between 5-14 years

Concession: A person is eligible for a ‘card’ concession if they can show the Rangers at check in:

• a Centrelink issued Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, Health Care card or Pensioner Concession Card

• a Department of Veteran’s Affairs Gold, White or Orange DVA Card

• a secondary school official student photo ID Card

• a full-time student card from a tertiary institution (TAFE or University).

Educational Group: An Educational Group is a Primary and Secondary school age group.

What should I bring?

A: You should bring a light jacket or a jumper as it can get cool while you are on the beach. Keep the mozzies away by using insect repellent and we also recommend bringing a light rain jacket (just in case). There are water refill stations in the Turtle Centre, so do your little bit to help the turtles and bring your own reusable water bottle. You can also bring a small personal hand torch (below 100 lumens). As this is a natural experience and the turtles are not known for their time management skills, you could experience wait times of up to 5 hours, so bring a book, playing cards and other activities to keep the whole family entertained while waiting for turtles.

A: Mon Repos is a Conservation Park, so no pets are allowed (with the exception of certified guide, hearing or assistance dogs). This also includes pets left in the car park. Umbrellas can be used around the Turtle Centre but are not allowed on the beach. The Turtle Centre, surrounds and beach are no smoking environments. Alcohol is not permitted.

A: Closed in walking shoes or sandshoes are best, as you will be walking on the rocky and shelly beach and in vegetated dunes.

A: Yes, you should bring a torch. Mon Repos Conservation Park is a darkened environment and a torch can be helpful at the Centre, on the walking tracks and in the carpark. On the beach, there will be a Ranger leading you along to your turtle. When walking along the beach, there will be no light, so it may be a little dark while your eyes are adjusting. Rangers will use their torch to ensure you can view turtles throughout the turtle-watching experience. Please do not take any bright LED torches as they are too bright for the turtles. Please use a torch with a brightness of 100 lumens or less. Mobile phone torches are not permitted to be used on the beach at any time.

A: The Turtle Centre has a number of interactive displays designed for children. There are immersive animated films, interactive displays and various activities. We recommend you also bring other activities such as board games, books and tablets to keep children entertained while waiting. Possibly leave the soccer balls and hockey sticks at home though ;).

Getting There

A: Check out our handy directions page.

A: There is no public transport to Mon Repos. You need to drive yourself, catch a taxi or hop onto the Bundaberg Shuttle Service by calling 0421 413 446.

A: During the daytime, absolutely! It’s a stunning coastal walk. To protect nesting and hatching turtles, the Mon Repos Coastal track and Turtle Trail are closed between 6pm and 6am from 15 October to 30 April.  For information about parking or walking and cycling tracks please check out the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service guide or Mon Repos Conservation Park map.

On The Night

A: The Mon Repos Nightly Turtle Encounters start from 6.30pm. If ticket holders wish to enjoy a delicious dinner beforehand, they can do so at the Milbi Café, located within the Turtle Centre from 5.00pm.

A: Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service Rangers and the Centre’s Volunteers will greet you on arrival to check-in. Group allocations are made before this time so it doesn’t matter where you are in the queue. It is important that you arrive on time to ensure that you are onsite for when your group is called for turtle activity, (remember turtles can take a while to arrive on any given night).

A: The group you are in is automatically allocated based on the date you purchase your ticket and is finalised on the night of the tour. Bundaberg Tourism staff cannot change this allocation. Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service Rangers may be required to alter tour groups, due to early turtle events or other factors that may arise.

A: As marine turtles are wild creatures we cannot guarantee this, however, it is very unusual for no turtles to be seen at all during the nesting and hatchling season. While you wait, you do have the opportunity to explore the Mon Repos Turtle Centre, talk to the Rangers and volunteers; learn more about these magnificent marine animals and browse the incredible Indigenous artwork that adorns the walls of the Centre.

A: The turtles are wild animals and it is up to them when they are ready to come ashore to lay eggs or when the hatchlings will emerge from the nest. Queensland Parks and Wildlife Rangers and volunteers patrol the beach for turtles and groups are called as soon as an event occurs. You will be escorted onto the beach when your allocated group is called so you may be on the beach quickly, or you may be waiting until quite late. If turtles are scarce you may have to wait for up to five hours before going onto the beach. The total visit time at Mon Repos can be up to five hours. Please be patient and listen to the instructions of the Rangers and turtle volunteers. Please be aware that on some occasions turtles may not appear. Although this is unusual, we must remember marine turtles are wild creatures and we cannot guarantee viewing.

A: Heaps of things! In the redeveloped Turtle Centre, take time to explore the Turtle Tales, spend time in the immersive theatrette absorbed in the evening’s program, and browse through the gift shop. These have been set up to give you a greater understanding and appreciation of turtle biology and the little things we can all do on land to aid in the survival of these endangered species. If you’re concerned about being bored, bring a book, tablet, board game or some other quiet activity to fill any time.

A: The turtles don’t mind – they’re pretty used to getting wet! Take a rain jacket as no umbrellas are allowed on the beach. As long as the tour is running, there is no refund for cancellation due to inclement weather. In the event of storms when tours are cancelled for safety, you may be offered the opportunity to re-book for another night or receive a refund.

A: Yes! Food and drinks are available for purchase at the Turtle Centre between 5.00pm til late at the on-site Milbi Cafe, seven days a week. The Milbi Cafe will offer a variety of light dishes, snack and sweets with a boost of native flavours to tickle your taste buds! Oh and of course a barista ready to give you your caffeine fix! You are also more than welcome to bring your own food on the night. With conservation at the forefront of our mission, help protect the turtles by choosing sustainable packaging for your snacks when visiting the Centre. We also encourage you to bring your own reusable water bottle and make use of the water refill station in the Turtle Centre.

A: No. Mon Repos has a no-alcohol policy. Bundaberg is famous for its amazing drinks, though, so make sure you drop into one of our breweries, distilleries, bars and cafes the day after your Mon Repos experience!

A: Smoking is not permitted at the Mon Repos Turtle Centre, the beach or surrounds.

A: There are toilets available in the Mon Repos Turtle Centre.

A: Immersive experiences engage many of the senses to enable you to experience something ‘as if’ you were actually there’. Our turtle encounters on the beach are immersive – involving most of our senses in an awesome real-life turtle experience – the smells of the ocean, sounds of the waves, the glow of the moonlight, and the feeling of the soft sand under our feet.

The other immersive experiences at Mon Repos are created using multi-media technologies, sound, animation, scale and lighting to transport you from the Turtle Centre into the world of marine turtles in a flexibly designed theatre. Immersive experiences can also be challenge-based interactions that require imagination to participate, for example in a simulated world of a turtle researcher in Turtle Tales.


A: A moderate level of fitness is required for the Mon Repos Nightly Turtle Encounter tour. You may be required to walk up to 1.6km (return trip) along the beach at night, in natural light or limited torchlight. On the beach, there will be water, soft sand, rocks, branches, sticks, pebbles so we recommend you wear closed-in walking shoes or sandshoes. During the Turtle Encounter tour, you will also be standing on natural, uneven surfaces for up to 1.5hrs. Please understand that Mon Repos has limited vehicle access in the event of an emergency.

A: Walking through soft sand can be tricky at the best of times, let alone in the dark, if you are unsteady on your feet or struggle with walking long distances or standing for lengthy periods, then this experience may not be suitable for you. Please understand that Mon Repos has limited vehicle access in the event of an emergency.

A: Wheelchair-accessible parking is available at the Centre. Universal access toilets are located at the Turtle Centre. Please note that access to the beach is either down a raised wooden boardwalk with steep ramps to go onto the beach, or along a bitumen path which then comes out to access the beach over uneven vegetated dunes. Due to the sandy beach and access points, unfortunately, conventional wheelchair access is not possible for the Mon Repos Nightly Turtle Encounters.


A:Turtle nesting and hatching activity occurs at night. If you would like to learn more about a turtles life journey and Queensland Parks and Wildlife Services conservation research, the Mon Repos Turtle Centre is open during the day for you to explore.

If you are spending your day at Mon Repos Beach, help look after the nesting beach by staying off the dunes, using beach umbrellas 1m below the dune edge grass line and keeping the beach clear of trip hazards such as sandcastles and holes. Be sure to pack up and leave the beach before the 6pm closure.

A: Although turtle nesting occurs along much of the Queensland coast, Mon Repos Turtle Encounter is the only way you can take part in an organised tour with Rangers providing expert information and ensuring you have minimal impact on endangered marine turtles. You can, however, swim with the turtles twelve months of the year at Lady Musgrave Island or Lady Elliot Island.

A: No, you cannot feed, touch or swim with the turtles at Mon Repos. You can, however, swim with the turtles twelve months of the year at Lady Musgrave Island or Lady Elliot Island.

A: Nesting turtles are easily disturbed by artificial light and movement, especially when leaving the water, crossing the beach and digging their nests. Do not approach or shine lights on turtles leaving the sea or moving up the beach. Remain with your allocated group at all times and avoid sudden movement. Hatching turtles emerging from their nests are disorientated by lights. Always listen to Queensland Parks and Wildlife Services Rangers and Volunteers on the beach and follow their instructions. They are there to look after the turtles and give you a memorable experience!

A: Yes, but only at certain times for the safety of the turtles, so please follow the directions of the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Rangers to take advantage of limited photo opportunities. Please read the Mon Repos Turtle Centre Conditions of Entry for further information on photography.


A: Although there is no accommodation at Mon Repos Turtle Centre there are many accommodation options available nearby & in Bargara and coastal areas & also in Bundaberg, only a short 20-kilometer drive from Mon Repos. Check them out here.