Mon Repos Turtle Faqs

2018/2019 turtle season runs from 9th November 2018 - Sunday, March 24th 2019. To download a PDF copy of our FAQ's please click here.

General Questions

A: The Mon Repos Turtle Encounter season 2018-2019 runs November to March (as it depends entirely on the turtles, it may not be for the entire of November or March). Bookings open 25th September and it is strongly encouraged to book in advance as the Mon Repos Turtle Encounter does book out.

A: Ranger-guided Turtle Encounters operate seven nights a week from 9th November to 24 March (subject to change) excluding nights 24, 25 and 31 December.

A: Nesting turtles can arrive anytime during the night and are best viewed after dark, from November to January, though there can still be regular nesting into mid February.

A: Hatchlings usually start emerging in early January with the largest concentration of hatchlings from February. Hatchlings then continue through to late March.

A: If you wish to book your ticket for tonight's tour, please phone before 4pm. All ticket sales close at 4pm daily. Remember to call first if you are travelling to Bundaberg that day to check availability.

Booking Tickets

A: You can book online , over the phone by calling 1300 722 099 or in person at the Bundaberg, Childers or Gin Gin Visitor Information Centres.

A: The Turtle Encounter is very popular, so tickets should be pre-booked and prepaid online at the Bundaberg, Childers or Gin Gin Visitor Information Centres. Tickets can only be purchased at Mon Repos on the night if the Turtle Encounter is not sold out.

A: No, sorry. There is a waiting list for last minute cancellations, and any no-shows are not reallocated. Check online or ask our friendly Visitor Information Centre teams for the next available tour date.

A: The group you are in is automatically allocated based on the date you purchase your ticket. Mon Repos or Bundaberg Tourism staff cannot change this allocation. We don’t accommodate requests to be grouped together, so we suggest you all book together.

A: You are able to change your booking date at any time, provided there is availability on the dates you wish to change to. If you wish to cancel your booking you will be issued a refund less the booking fee, however for bookings cancelled within 24 hours of your tour, no refund can be issued.

A: Family: A family is a group of up to 4 related people, comprising of 2 adults and 2 children.
Concession: A person is eligible for a ‘card’ concession if they can show the Rangers at check in:

• &nbsp a Centrelink issued Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, Health Care card or Pensioner Concession Card

• &nbsp a Department of Veteran’s Affairs Gold, White or Orange DVA Card

• &nbsp a secondary school official student photo ID Card

• &nbsp a full-time student card from a tertiary institution (TAFE or University).

Educational Group: An Educational Group is a Primary and Secondary school age group.

What should I bring?

A: You should bring a light jacket or a jumper as it can get cool while you are on the beach. We also recommend bringing a light rain jacket or poncho in case of rain. Bring insect repellent – there may be bities. Bring a bottle of water or another drink, as the water at Mon Repos is not drinkable. You can also bring a small personal hand torch. Bring a book, playing cards to help while waiting for turtles.

A: Mon Repos is a Conservation Park, so no pets are allowed. The Turtle Centre, surrounds and beach are no smoking environments. Umbrellas can be used at the Turtle Centre, but are not allowed on the beach. Alcohol is not permitted.

A: Some form of footwear is required as you will be walking on the beach and in vegetated dunes. Thongs are okay, but closed in walking shoes or sandshoes are best.

A: Yes, you should bring a torch. Mon Repos is a darkened environment and a torch can be helpful at the centre, on our walking tracks and in the carpark. On the beach, no torch light is permitted. There will be a Ranger leading you along to your turtle. Rangers will use their torch to ensure you can view turtles throughout the turtle watching. Please do not take any bright LED torches as they are too bright for the turtles. Please use an old-style torch, with a less bright amber coloured light. And as there will be only certain times you can use it on the beach, be prepared to follow any instructions. Mobile phone torches are not permitted to be used on the beach at any time.

A: The rangers give talks, there is a documentary screening and some activities for children. The Turtle Centre offers many displays that are interactive for children. However, we recommend you bring board games, books, tablets or other activities to keep children entertained while waiting. Possibly leave the soccer balls and hockey sticks at home though.

Getting There

A: Check out our handy directions page!

A: There is no public transport to Mon Repos. You need to drive yourself, catch a taxi, or you may take the Turtle Express, which includes your Mon Repos Turtle Encounter ticket plus pick-up and drop-off from your accommodation in Bundaberg or BargarA:

A: You can! There is a walking trail from the Bargara foreshore to Mon Repos. It will take at least 30 minutes and, for conservation reasons, there is no lighting, so make sure you bring a torch. We strongly encourage you to make sure you do the walking trail prior to your tour date, as things are very different in the dark and people sometimes get lost on the trail at night!

On The Night

A: Arrive from 6.00pm until 6.45pm. Don’t be late or you might miss out on your tour departure!

A: Please queue at the Shuttle Bus Transfer station at the end of Mon Repos Road where the Council Car Park is, ready with your itinerary number from your booking and your surname. Once shuttled into the Conservation Park you will be given a numbered group sticker which must be worn and clearly visible. Your group number is allocated based on your time of booking, not your position in the line-up on the night, so relax and soak up the atmosphere of the Park.

A: The group you are in is automatically allocated based on the date you purchase your ticket and is finalised on the night of the tour. Mon Repos or Bundaberg Tourism staff cannot change this allocation.

A: To get the most out of your night you should plan to arrive for 6pm, if you are going to be slightly later then this will not be too much of an issue. If you are not going to arrive until much later in the night, you should ring the Turtle Centre on 4159 1652 before 6pm to advise arrival time. If you do come later, please understand that there is a HIGH chance that you may not to join your designated tour group. Refunds cannot be issued if you are late and missed turtle tours for the evening.

A: The turtles are wild animals and it is up to them when they are ready to lay or come out of the nest. Staff & volunteers patrol the beach for turtles and groups are called as soon as an event occurs. You will be escorted onto the beach when your allocated group is called so you may be on the beach quickly, or you may be waiting until quite late. Please be patient and listen to the instructions of the Rangers and turtle volunteers. Be aware that if turtles are scarce you may have to wait for two or more hours before going onto the beach. The total visit time at Mon Repos can be up to six hours.

A: Heaps of things! In the turtle centre, take time to look at the displays and browse through the shop. These have been set up to give you a greater understanding and appreciation of Turtle Biology and the little things we can all do on land to aid in the survival of this endangered species. Outside in the amphitheatre, ranger shows and videos are presented with information about the turtle nesting and the hatching. If you’re concerned about being bored, bring a book, a tablet, a board game, snacks or some other quiet activity to fill any time.

A: Depending on the circumstances, if all groups have gone down and you are willing to wait around SOMETIMES you may get to go back down on the beach with a ranger.

A: It is very unusual for no turtles to be seen at all during the nesting and hatchling season, however as marine turtles are wild creatures we cannot guarantee this. However, while you wait, you do have the opportunity to look through the Mon Repos Turtle Centre, talk to the Rangers and volunteers; and learn more about these magnificent marine animals.

A: The turtles don’t mind – they’re used to getting wet! Take a rain jacket or poncho - no umbrellas are allowed on the beach. As long as the tour is running, there is no refund for cancellation due to inclement weather. In the event of storms when tours are cancelled for safety, you will be offered to re book for another night or receive a refund.

A: There is composting toilets at Mon Repos, which are wheelchair-accessible. This is a quintessential Australian experience in our national parks – embrace the adventure!

A: There is a food van with basic hot and cold snacks such as chips, sausage rolls, soft drinks etc provided. It is recommended that you have dinner prior to your Mon Repos Turtle Encounter and if you have any dietary requirements, please bring your own snacks.

A: No. Mon Repos has a no alcohol policy. Bundaberg is famous for its amazing drinks, though, so make sure you drop into one of our breweries, distilleries, bars and cafes the day after your Mon Repos experience!

A: Smoking is not permitted at the Mon Repos Turtle Centre, the beach or surrounds.

Shuttle Bus Transfer

A: Shuttle bus transfers will run from 6pm onwards, so please arrive from 6pm until 6.45pm.

A: A Traffic Controller team member will greet visitors as they arrive for their transfer. Have your Itinerary Number and Surname ready!

A: All walking trails are closed from 5.45pm onwards each day. The only way to go on the Mon Repos Turtle Encounter is by Shuttle Bus Transfer.

A: A Shuttle Bus will be located at the Council Car Park for late arrivals.

A: Yes.

A: No, under Queensland Government Road Safety Rules, Public Transport is exempt from complying with standard child restraint laws. Please ensure your infant sits on your lap during the transfer.

A: The Turtle Encounter is very popular, so tickets should be pre-booked and prepaid online at the Bundaberg, Childers or Gin Gin Visitor Information Centres. Ticket sales close at the Visitor Information Centres at 4pm for that evening’s tour, if spots are still available. Tickets can only be purchased at Mon Repos on the night if the Turtle Encounter is not sold out.

A: Yes, the shuttle bus will be operating regularly

A: No prams are permitted onboard the Shuttle Bus.


A: Generally, the Mon Repos Turtle Encounter tour is suited to all ages & those with a good physical ability, but be aware you may need to walk up to 1.6 km return trip along the beach from the turtle centre to get to nesting & hatching sites. On the beach there will be water, soft sand, rocks, branches, sticks, pebbles so we recommend you wear closed in walking shoes or sandshoes. Please understand that Mon Repos Beach has limited vehicle access in the event of an emergency.

A: You can be walking through soft sand once you go onto the beach and could need to walk 800m to get to the nesting or hatching site. The group does however move slowly to accommodate children and those with mobility issues. Please understand that Mon Repos Beach has limited vehicle access in the event of an emergency.

A: If you require Disabled Parking you must phone 1300 722099 and book your turtle tickets directly with the Booking team. There is only one Disabled Car Park available per night. The Mon Repos Turtle Centre has disabled toilets which are fully wheelchair accessible. Please note that access to the beach is either down a raised wooden boardwalk with steep ramps to go onto the beach, or along a bitumen path which then comes out to access the beach over uneven vegetated dunes. There are no disabled facilities available on the beach, though you may use your own beach wheelchair on the beach. If using your own beach wheelchair, you must bring two strong people to assist as volunteers and staff are not available.


A: The Mon Repos Turtle Centre & the beach is open during the day however turtle nesting and hatching activity usually occurs at night. If you do visit Mon Repos beach during the day entry is from the Moores Road Car park area to the northern side, a lovely walking trail will lead you to the centre and also at the end of Mon Repos Road onto the beach and at the Ponds Boardwalk walking trail. Help look after the nesting beach by staying off the dunes, using beach umbrellas 1m below the dune edge grass line and keeping the beach clear of trip hazards such as sandcastles and holes. Access to the Centre, Walking Trails and Mon Repos beach will be closed at 6.00pm every day during the turtle season.

A: Although turtle nesting occurs along much of the Queensland coast, Mon Repos Turtle Encounter is the only way you can take part in an organised tour with rangers providing expert information. You can, however, swim with the turtles twelve months of the year at Lady Musgrave Island or Lady Elliot Island.

A: No, you cannot feed, touch or swim with the turtles at Mon Repos. You can, however, swim with the turtles twelve months of the year at Lady Musgrave Island or Lady Elliot Island.

A: Nesting turtles are easily disturbed by artificial light and movement, especially when leaving the water, crossing the beach and digging their nests. Do not approach or shine lights on turtles leaving the sea or moving up the beach. Remain with your allocated group at all times and avoid sudden movement. Hatching turtles emerging from their nests are disorientated by lights. Always listen to staff on the beach and follow their instructions. They are there to look after the turtles and give you a memorable experience!

A: Yes, at certain times, so follow staff directions to take advantage of limited photo opportunities.


A: Although there is no accommodation at Mon Repos there are many accommodation options available nearby & in Bargara and coastal areas & also in Bundaberg, only a short 20 kilometre drive from Mon Repos.