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Tobruk Dive Wreck

EX HMAS TOBRUK - Bundaberg Port, Burnett Heads, Queensland from johnhalemedia on Vimeo.

 After 34 years of service, the ex-HMAS Tobruk has been brought to Bundaberg to prepare for her scuttling to her final resting place in the Wide Bay waters between Bundaberg and Hervey Bay.

Ex-HMAS Tobruk is currently moored at the Port of Bundaberg in readiness for the scuttling process to begin. It is likely to take up to two years before she is fully prepared, sunk and opened as a dive site for experienced divers visiting the Southern Great Barrier Reef.

Currently, the state government is finalising contractors to prepare the vessel. Strict permit conditions regulate the preparation of the ship, which is a consuming process.

The process includes:

* Removing all fuels, oils and greases
* Identifying and removing all hazardous materials, including polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCB's), asbestos, heavy metals, batteries, chemicals, plastics etc.
* Removing items that could break loose during the scuttling process or be a hazard to divers
* Preparing a safe and interesting dive site to suit different levels of expertise, including cutting diver access holes, removing items that could be a safety hazard (including cabling, non-structural partitions, hatches/doors) and sealing some areas to prevent access for safety reasons
* Designing the scuttling process to ensure the vessel would settle to the seabed with its structural integrity maintained, in an upright position in the correct location, depth and orientation
* Towing to the scuttling site, undertaking final on-site preparations, and scuttling the ship
* Post-scuttling activities, including retrieving debris, clearance dive, and repairing any damage from the scuttling process.

This process is estimated to cost between $6-7 million and is expected to take 2 years to complete.


Tobruk sails into Sydney Harbour last time  news.navy.gov.au



Information sourced from: http://www.rdawidebayburnett.org.au/hmas-tobruk/ 

Banner credit: the Commonwealth of Australia