COVID Safe Planning

The Queensland Government's COVID roadmap below can be accessed via Queensland Health's website.

For further information on travel advice, restrictions, financial support and resources, visit our dedicated COVID-19 Industry Support page.  

What is an Industry COVID Safe Plan?

Industry COVID Safe Plans are developed by an industry through a representative group or group of businesses within that industry. They are not mandatory for all businesses (*some businesses require these to re-open). The purpose of these Plans is to show the health authority and community that the industry can operate safely beyond the baseline Roadmap restrictions. 

If you do not wish to operate your business following a COVID Safe Plan, you are required to operate as per the guidelines in the Queensland Roadmap and the Public Health Directions.

Regardless of membership to any industry body, once approved, the Industry COVID Safe Plan will be available online.

  • Find the approved plans here
  • Access guidance on creating your industry plan here
  • Read the Frequently Asked Questions here

For further information on operating your business during restrictions, visit Tourism and Events Queensland and the Queensland Tourism Industry Council

Tourism and Events Industry Resources

  • Queensland Industry Tourism Council’s Industry COVID Safe Plan for tourism and accommodation can be found here

What is a COVID Safe Checklist?

COVID Safe Checklists continue to apply to restricted businesses. This includes dining and drinking (restaurants and cafes, pubs, clubs, RSLs and hotels), food courts, personal services (beauty, nail salons, massage (therapeutic and non therapeutic), tanning, tattoo parlours, spas, saunas and bathhouses). If you do not operate a restricted business, you do not require a COVID Safe Checklist, however, you should be following work health and safety guidelines which you can view here

You are not required to complete a COVID Safe checklist if your business is following an approved COVID Safe industry plan.

For those businesses who require a COVID Safe Checklist, mandatory training must be completed by all staff to ensure a COVID Safe work environment. This must be completed within two weeks of a business opening/reopening. Staff that commence after this two-week period, must complete training before commencing at your business.

  • Download your COVID Safe Checklist here
  • Access mandatory training programs through TAFE Queensland for hospitality, beauty, nail, massage, tanning, tattoo parlours, spas, saunas and bathhouses here.
  • Access mandatory training programs through Restaurants & Catering Australia for dining services and food courts here
  • Download the voluntary checklist here.

For more information on COVID Safe Plans, visit the Queensland Tourism Industry Council

What is the difference between an Industry COVID SAFE Plan and a COVID Safe Checklist?

COVID Safe Plans are created by an industry at a whole and encourage best practice across sectors. They are not mandatory for all businesses (*some businesses do require a COVID Safe Plan to operate) and will allow eligible businesses to offer services to beyond the restrictions listed in the Queensland Government's Roadmap to Easing Restrictions. 

COVID Safe Checklists are mandatory for restricted businesses. These businesses include dining in, personal services, non-therapeutic massage, saunas and bathhouses and food courts. The Checklist must be in place before re-opening. Mandatory training of all staff is required.


For any questions about the public health directions or COVID Safe Planning, you can contact the Queensland Government via their COVID Hotline - 134 COVID.