COVID Safe Planning

Stage 3 of the Roadmap to Easing Restrictions commenced July 3, 2020. All COVID Safe Industry Plans must be updated to reflect the changes of Stage 3. Download the Roadmap here.

*The Roadmap was updated on Wednesday, 26 August to reflect gathering restrictions, visitors to aged care and disability accommodation facilities and visitors to hospitals. 

Below is an outline of Stage 3.

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What is an Industry COVID SAFE Plan?

Update: New restrictions on gatherings is in place in QLD. These limits do not apply to businesses operating under a COVID Safe plan. This includes businesses operating under a COVID Safe Industry Plan, a COVID Safe checklist, COVID Safe Site Specific Plan or COVID Safe Event Plan. Read more here. 

Industry COVID Safe Plans can be developed by an industry through a representative group or group of businesses within that industry. They are not mandatory for all businesses (*some businesses require these to re-open). The purpose of these Plans is to show the health authority and community that the industry can operate safely and increase the number of customers on a business’ site beyond the baseline Roadmap restrictions. 

From Stage 3, COVID Safe Industry Plans will continue to apply with revisions to reflect Stage 3. Eligible businesses who are following an approved COVID Safe Industry Plan will be able to have the maximum number of patrons for a business at any one time determined by the 4 square metre rule. For smaller venues below 200 square metres, businesses can have one person per 2 square metres up to 50 persons at a time, provided a register of patrons is maintained.

The following businesses require a COVID Safe Plan to reopen: 
  • casinos, gaming and gambling venues (including electronic gaming machines)
  • non-therapeutic massage^
  • saunas and bathhouses^
  • nightclubs
  • food courts
^ Max 50 with a COVID Safe Checklist when not complying with the COVID Safe Industry Plan

Regardless of membership to any industry body, once approved, the Industry COVID Safe Plan will be available online.

  • Find the approved plans here
  • For guidance see the Framework for COVID Safe Businesses here
  • Read the COVID Safe Business FAQ's here.
  • Read the COVID Safe Industry Guidance here

For more information, visit the Queensland Government's dedicated COVID Safe Businesses page. 

Tourism and Events Industry Resources

  • Queensland Industry Tourism Council’s Industry COVID Safe Plan for tourism and accommodation can be found here. For more information on COVID Safe Plans, visit the Queensland Tourism Industry Council

What is a COVID Safe Checklist?

From Stage 3 easing of restrictions, COVID Safe Checklists continue to apply to restricted businesses which include dining in and personal services, and now extend to non-therapeutic massage, saunas and bathhouses and food courts. These businesses may host a maximum of 50 people with a COVID Safe Checklist, or more if complying with a COVID Safe Industry Plan. You are not required to complete a COVID Safe checklist if your business is following an approved COVID Safe industry plan.

  • Read the COVID Safe Business FAQ's here.
  • Access the COVID Safe Checklist for dining and drinking (Stage 3) here
  • Access the COVID Safe Checklist for personal services (Stage 3) here
  • *COVID Safe Checklist for Food Courts TBC

For those businesses who require a COVID Safe checklist, mandatory training must be completed by all staff to ensure a COVID Safe work environment. This must be completed within two weeks of a business opening/reopening. Staff that commence after this two-week period, must complete training before commencing at your business.

  • Access COVID Safe training programs through TAFE Queensland here.

You can also meet this mandatory training if developed by your industry and reviewed by Queensland Health and the Office of Industrial Relations.

  • Restaurant & Catering Australia training

If your business does not fall into the above categories, you do not require a checklist. However, you should be following Work Health and Safety Guidelines. You can also follow a voluntary checklist created by the Queensland Government here.

For more information on COVID Safe Plans, visit the Queensland Tourism Industry Council

What is the difference between an Industry COVID SAFE Plan and a COVID Safe Checklist?

COVID Safe Plans are created by an industry at a whole and encourage best practice across sectors. They are not mandatory and will allow eligible businesses to offer services to an increased number of customers.

COVID Safe Checklists are mandatory for  restricted businesses. These businesses include dining in,personal services, non-therapeutic massage, saunas and bathhouses and food courts. The Checklist must be in place before re-opening. Mandatory training of all staff is required.


For any questions about the public health directions or COVID Safe Planning, you can contact the Queensland Government via their COVID Hotline - 134 COVID.