Bundaberg Region - HMAS Tobruk Dive Permit
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Your acknowledgement to the Queensland Government Fraser Coast Tourism & Events and Bundaberg Tourism. You must read and understand the following statement before proceeding. By proceeding you make the following statement.

I acknowledge that I have assessed the risks inherent in undertaking diving snorkelling and associated boat travel and I understand the hazards of scuba diving and snorkelling include those hazards occurring during boat travel to and from the dive/snorkel site. I understand that these hazards include but are not limited to air expansion injuries drowning decompression sickness injuries occurring while getting on or off the vessel and while on board being cut or struck by boat while in the water and other perils of the sea including the risk of being dragged away to thrown against objects by strong currents. I also acknowledge the risk of any other unpredictable natural conditions or man-made hazards. I knowingly and voluntarily agree to accept these risks. I will not dive/snorkel beyond my level of training/qualifications experience and equipment.