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Here at HOTI Kombucha we make real Kombucha using raw organic Bundaberg sugar and the highest quality loose leaf tea blends that are added to HOTI’s original culture and left to develop into an amazing bottle of wellness.

It is said when traditionally prepared, Kombucha works to enrich the healthy gut bacteria by adding beneficial acids, yeast and probiotics.

We know this, that’s why every batch of HOTI Kombucha is designed to be enjoyed, not as a tonic, but as a celebration of wellness and health.

It is more than just Kombucha to us, she is life, she is physical and mental health, she is uplifting and to us, she is life changing.

Hours: Saturday 7am to 12pm

Phone: 0418 142 566


HOTI Kombucha is a raw and unpasteurised, and made from ingredients that contain no gluten or animal products and will have you converted to drinks that are designed to heal and nourish at every sip. Our Kombucha is wellness, kindness and love. It is what we love and with one sip, she will have you in love with her too.
Purchase at the Pocketstore House on Saturdays, also at the Windmill Cafe in Bargara, and Nana's Pantry.

Quay street Bundaberg