Bundaberg Region - Macadamias Australia
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Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30 am - 5pm; Saturday 8am - 3pm and; Sunday 9am-4pm


Macadamias Australia’s Visitor Experience and The Orchard Table Café are the Bundaberg Regions' newest offerings. Providing an up-close and down-to-earth experience on the Steinhardt’s three-generation family farm.

The guest experience begins as they walk the path through the macadamia orchard and continues inside where they can learn firsthand about our history and beginnings. The rich fertile soil surrounded by the abundant red earth known in the Bundaberg Region has nurtured a variety of ventures for the Steinhardt Family including small crops, peanuts, sugarcane and a successful plantation of tomatoes before the family turned their hand to Macadamias. In 2004 they began a journey to vertically integrate their properties which include over two hundred thousand trees, processing and value-add our Macadamias.

The Visitor Experience includes a self-guided journey through the recycled macadamia wood totems and interactive screens. The facility welcomes tour groups and provides an informative tasting and introduction to Australia’s native nut. The Orchard Table café provides fresh seasonal and local produce, freshly prepared in our kitchen with a macadamia twist, great coffee and gourmet gelato in a picturesque orchard setting. Macadamias Australia also has a farmgate shop with their single-origin nuts, and locally sourced produce and giftware items for guests to purchase.

4625 Goodwood Road, Bundaberg QLD 4670, Australia