Bundaberg Region - Mystery Craters
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One unique point of difference for the Mystery Craters is their unusual and enigmatic origin. Unlike typical geological formations, the Mystery Craters are characterized by their mysterious creation, sparking curiosity and intrigue among visitors. The origin of these craters is still not definitively explained, adding an element of wonder and speculation to the site. This makes the Mystery Craters distinct from other natural attractions, as their unique formation story sets them apart and offers a captivating experience for those interested in geological mysteries and unconventional landscapes. Exploring the site provides an opportunity to engage in both scientific curiosity and appreciation for the natural world's ability to surprise and puzzle.

Hours: Tuesday - Sunday 9am - 3pm

Phone: 07 41577291


Embark on an enigmatic journey at the captivating Mystery Craters in South Kolan, where wonders bewilder and amaze. Nestled amidst breathtaking landscapes, this surreal wonderland invites adventurers of all ages to explore the secrets beneath the surface.

Discover a vast expanse of mysterious craters, their origins shrouded in secrecy, dotting the landscape like a lunar terrain. Engaging tours reveal fascinating insights and ancient mythologies that have left experts astounded.

But the experience doesn't end there! Indulge your taste buds at the onsite café, offering delicious local coffee, teas, Maleny ice cream, and mouthwatering snacks and sandwiches.

Explore the exclusive gift shop with a variety of unique souvenirs and treasures inspired by the mysteries around you. Visit the Earth Room displaying mesmerising crystals, rocks, and fossils, enveloping you in serenity and wonder.

Mystery Craters is a complete sensory experience, engaging your mind, pampering your taste buds, and nourishing your soul amidst the allure of the unexplained. Unravel enigmas, savour flavours, and rejuvenate your spirit in this extraordinary destination.

Whether you're a curious traveler, nature enthusiast, or seeking a unique escape, Mystery Craters promises an unforgettable adventure filled with intrigue, indulgence, and enlightenment. Embrace the mystery and let the journey begin.

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15 Lines Road, South Kolan, Queensland 4670 Australia