Podcast 4: Overcoming Language Barriers

Our fourth podcast produced exclusively for Bundaberg tourism operators is now available on YouTube, again in audio format for easy listening.

Attracting Asian visitors to Bundaberg is clearly great for the local economy, but what does it mean for your business if you start receiving guests or customers who don’t appear to speak much – or any – English? Does it mean you’ll lose a potentially lucrative customer? Possibly, yes!

In this episode, we share some simple tips for overcoming language barriers with your Asian visitors who may not be fluent in English.

These monthly podcasts feature ideas on how you can make Asia-friendly enhancements. If you have any Asia-related challenges or topics you’d like covered in future podcasts, please contact Bundaberg Tourism’s Maddison Clerke at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..