Bundaberg Region - Spiders Ledge
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Spiders Ledge is a good place to see sharks at Lady Elliot Island. The reef at this site slopes from 8 metres to 25 metres and is cut by a series of gutters and ledges.

Pretty corals and abundant reef fish are found at the site, as are turtles and schools of pelagic fish. However, this area is best known for its sharks. While the odd tasselled wobbegong and leopard shark can be seen resting on the bottom, this is also a good place to see whitetip reef sharks and grey reef sharks. These sharks patrol the reef edge, and are often joined by larger blacktip sharks and bull sharks.

In the shallows behind Spiders Ledge is an area of dead coral, but with lots of caves and gutters. This is also a good place to find resting sharks as whitetip reef sharks and tawny nurse sharks use this area for a nap.

, Lady Elliot Island, Queensland 4805 Australia