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7 Spots To Cool Off This Summer

It’s heating up here on the Southern Great Barrier Reef, but don’t worry – we got chu!
Here’s our top picks for places to cool off and soak up the shade this Summer.

Utopia Falls / Waterfall Creek

Nuzzled in Mt Walsh National Park, just 90 minutes south of Bundaberg is this hinterland gem. Weave your way just 1.5km through the dry rainforest to explore this cracker of a waterhole, and hop in for a well-deserved soak of your muscles and refreshing your soul as you’re surrounded by flora and fauna – it’s basically live mother natures version of a spa retreat!

So make a day of it, pack a picnic to enjoy in the shade of the surrounding bushland, and check out the other walking tracks of Mount Walsh National Park.

P.S – this gorgeous paradise is always at it’s best when visited after a fresh spell of rain.

Elliott Heads Rockpools

Cleooooo nooooooo! Playing mermaid for the day has never been so easy! These little fairy pools are an instagrammers dream, and a ideal place to take a dip, chill out and float the day away.

Well actually, so are all our beautiful beaches for that matter. Our regions coastline is laced with secluded coves, hidden rockpools and pristine stretches of sand, perfect for dropping the towels and making a dash for a splash.

P.S – If you’re not sure how to find this cracking spot, wander along the beach, towards Dr May’s Island at low tide, or just follow this google maps link.


How could we talk about cooling off in Bundaberg without mentioning the fabulous farm fresh blends of Tinaberries. Serving up delicious fruit ice cream, jam packed (get it 😉) with local strawberries, mangos, dragonfruit and more seasonal flavours that you can shake a waffle cone at.

Take a seat under the shade of the Silky Oak Trees, and get comfy, chances are you won’t want to leave. It’s unusual to describe a farmyard as radiating good vibes, but there is just some sort of magic in the air at Tinaberries, or maybe it’s just how damn good the ice cream is, but it’s like you are a million miles away from any worries or reality. Watch as Tina’s chilled out chickens graze on the grass, Farm dogs Tuki & Tilly snooze on the front porch, and the little kids giggle playing giant jenga (maybe it’s the sugar rush). Make this a moment for you, and savour every last drip of your fruity treat.

Macadamias Australia

Macadamias Australia is the perfect place to chill out! Make the most of the aircon and explore the Visitor Experience, weave your way through the towering sculputed 'trees' and discover the history behind the multi-generational family farm and their innovative sustainable practices, before indulging in a mouth watering macadamia nut gelato, a guided nut tasting of the delicious flavours or perhaps even a glass of bubbles.

Take some time to wander through the original orchards, and feel the breeze through the trees as you get your hands dirty and have a go at cracking nuts in the orchard rows. 

Turtle Trail

How do the locals chill out you ask? Picture this - lounging under the shadow of Panandus tree on the Esplanade, sipping on an iced latte from The Beach Mill and getting lost in a good book. Looking up every so often to see a surfer catch a wave at Nielson’s or pat the happy-go-lucky border collie on their daily stroll – yes please!

If you want to keep it moving and get your steps up, just wander a bit further along the Turtle Trail and you’ll find yourself weaving through the trees of Mon Repos Conservation Park, where you can enjoy the sea breeze, the coolness of the forest, and the serenity of nature.

Discover our turtle trail and other a-star walking tracks here.

Cellar Doors

Always a winning idea – cooling down with an icey cold beverage! Whether you are a rum raver, crazy for cocktails, a craft beer buff, or even a fan girl for fizzy brews we’ve got the refreshment for you.

Thirsty for more? Explore Tipple Town here 

Bundaberg Botanic Gardens & Hinkler Hall of Aviation

Escape the sunshine for a bit and head indoors to Hinkler Hall of Aviation. Discover Bundaberg’s hidden hero Bert Hinkler, and the story of his first flight from the dunes of Mon Repos Beach (on a plane made from his mothers ironing board btw – madness!).

Take some time to explore the Botanic Gardens, hop on the Australian Sugar Cane Railway and feel the wind blow through your hair as you gaze out of the carriage on a whistle stop tour of 27 hectares of immaculate gardens and greenery.



As always, make a pit stop at our Visitor Information Centres in Bundaberg and Childers, take full advantage of the aircon, refill your reusable water bottles and pick the awesome teams brains for the locals insider tips on whats ‘hot’ in the region.

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