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Top Reasons to Take The Kids to The Reef This Summer

Now more than ever are we looking forward to sitting back, relaxing and enjoying time with the family. And what better way to make memories to last a lifetime than by exploring Australia's most diverse eco system with your mini-me's? Now, if that hasn't already convinced you, here are all the reasons why a trip to the Southern Great Barrier Reef is exactly what your perfect next family holiday needs.

Tick a world heritage listed site off your bucket list before turning 10!

Situated off Bundaberg's pristine coastline are two ladies of the reef, Lady Musgrave Island and Lady Elliot Island, two southern coral cays home to giant marine life and intricate coral formations. With coral-filled lagoons bursting with life below the surface, the Southern Great Barrier Reef offers the perfect backyard for learning how to snorkel or dive, while also offering awe-inspiring scenes for those more experienced. Take a day trip to Lady Musgrave Island on board Lady Musgrave Experience and let their experienced reef guides teach your little squirts how to snorkel and gain confidence in exploring the depths of this underwater playground.


Snorkel alongside Crush

The Southern Great Barrier Reef is also home to incredibly curious turtles, just like Crush! Spend your day snorkelling alongside these turtle-y awesome dudes as they cruise the warm waters of Lady Musgrave and Lady Elliot Island. With just a short boat ride from Bundaberg Port Marina arrive at Lady Musgrave or take a 25-min flight from Bundaberg airport to Lady Elliot. Whichever mode of transport you prefer to choose, you'll find Green, Hawksbill, Flatback and Loggerhead turtles frequenting these waters as soon as you arrive.  


Spot Nemo among the anemones

Keep your feet dry and try to spot the Great 8 in the comfort of a glass-bottom boat. Like Africa has their top 10, we have our Great 8 that is made up of giant marine life and, most importantly, Nemo! Get up close with the Great 8 while snorkelling or listen to the kids as they look-on in awe from a glass-bottom boat as you glide over crystal clear waters. 


Learn about the wonders of the world’s most diverse eco system

Do you have a love for turtles, tropical fish, manta rays and the reef? Learn the more about reef health, conservation, and the magnificent life both below and above the surface by becoming a marine biologist for a day with Lady Musgrave Experience. Spend your day with a marine biologist and help collect important data while identifying beautiful species within the reef. An incredibly rewarding experience, go home with a wealth of knowledge and memories to share for years to come.


Spot hatchlings as they dash to the sea!

Each year from November to March turtle tracks paints the shores of Lady Musgrave Island, Lady Elliot Island and Mon Repos Beach for the annual Bundaberg Turtle Season. From November to January, Mother turtles return to their birth beach to nest their clutches of eggs before returning back to the sea. From late-January to late-March witness baby hatchlings emerge from their sandy nests on a ranger-guided Mon Repos Nightly Turtle Encounter or overnight stay with Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort. With only 1 in 1000 tiny turtles surviving the odds to maturity, witness a miracle as they dash to the sea this turtle season.


Digital Detox

Not only will you come away from your day (or nights) on the reef with memories to last a lifetime, celebrate spending some quality time with the family where the distraction of TVs, iPads or the PlayStation aren't in your way. As our mini-me's get older, an escape to where the reception is limited is often the moments that we treasure the most. Choose to extend your digital detox and sleep on the reef with Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort


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