In this six-part section, you will learn about the trade distribution development activities that Bundaberg Tourism delivers for your business growth.
1. The Opportunities of Tourism Distribution
2. Understanding the Tourism Distribution System  padlock
3. Preparing Your Business For Distribution  padlock
4. Working with Trade Partners
5. Hosting Trade Famils  padlock
6. Key Tourism Trade Events  padlock
FURTHER RESOURCES - Trade Operators Portal  padlock


Note: Sections 3 - 6 are locked with access for Silver Partners and above.
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You may have heard of the "4 Ps of Marketing". These are

  • Product: What you sell and could be goods, services, consulting or more;
  • Price: How much you charge and how does that impact how your customers view your brand;
  • Place: Where you promote your product or service, and where do your ideal customers go to find you;
  • Promotion: How your customers find out about you including what strategies you use, and how effective they are

In tourism, Place is also known as Distribution and this will section will focus on the strategies and channels used to make the product or service available to the target customers through the trade network, and help you make decisions related to how and where your product will be distributed to ensure it reaches the right consumers at the right time.