Mount Walsh National Park

A landmark in the North Burnett this towering National Park is a sight to behold. Stop for an all Aussie family BBQ under the impressive granite Bluff, take on a challenge setting off early morning to walk to the summit or grab your bathers for a swim in the Waterfall Creek Rock Pools Utopia. Explore the park by 4WD and discover the stunning granite monolith at Coongarra Rock. Mount Walsh National Park is a must-do hike for the experienced and the beginner.

For more information on this beautiful part of the Bundaberg North Burnett region please view this website.

Local Tips: "I recommend three walks in my local area"

" A nice new one- a very short walk of about 200m to the top of the crater of an extinct volcano in Coalstoun Lakes National Park, just 20 km south of Biggenden off the Isis Highway; another good walk often used for Kokoda Track training is the marked track through rainforest to a 600 metre peak in Woowoonga National Park, just 10km from town; and Mount Walsh National Park - the big rocky mountain that forms the backdrop to Biggenden, 10km out of town, is also a great spot for bush walking and offers picnic tables and BBQs. There is a short 300m walk and if you go further it gets quite steep, taking about an hour to the top of the mountain. you do need to have some experience for scrambling up rocks and cliffs but the view is worth it!"

Moira Thompson - Local Bush Walking Guide