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Set amongst the rolling red hills of Childers in lovely tropical Queensland, Ohana Winery and Exotic Fruits is a boutique winery and fruit farm that offers you and your tastebuds a unique experience you won't find anywhere else!

At the winery you can enjoy a tasting of their unique range of tropical fruit wines, made with fruits such as Mango, Starfruit, Dragonfruit and the Brazilian grape - Jaboticaba. We also have a range of uniquely flavoured liqueurs, which include Macadamia, Chocolate Lemon Myrtle, Lemoncello and more. Or even try a select range of traditional grape wines.

At Ohana visitors can also enjoy an interactive guided tour around the exotic fruit orchard. During the tour you will also have the chance to taste any in-season fruits which is a delight for the senses.

1 Cottonwood Close, Childers, Queensland 4660 Australia