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15 Items To Tick Off Your Bucket List

It's that time of year again where we make unrealistic resolutions like 'i'm going to give up coffee', knowing full well we will cave the minute someone asks us out for coffee, telling ourselves 'its okay when it's in a social setting', mmmm...okay. The New Year is the time for renewing gym memberships, crying over your bank balance, rethinking your goals and rewriting your bucket list for the year. Check out these easily attainable bucket list items to add and tick off this year.

1. Visit the Southern Great Barrier Reef

Bundaberg sits at the southernmost tip of the Great Barrier Reef, the Southern Great Barrier Reef, and is the gateway to awe-worthy underwater experiences. You don't have to drive too far north to explore the Great Barrier Reef.

Where can I tick this off? Take a day trip out to Lady Musgrave Island or Lady Elliot Island


2. Swim with Manta Rays

See these peaceful giants glide through the clear, blue waters of the Southern Great Barrier Reef.

Where can I tick this off? Take a day trip out to Lady Musgrave Island or Lady Elliot Island


3. Get a Behind The Scenes Look at Australia's Iconic Rum Distillery

You can't go past stopping at the Bundaberg Rum Distillery. Uncover the history of past master blenders on a tour through the distillery museum before learning the process of distilling multi-award winning blends on a tour through the fully working distillery. 

Where can I tick this off? Book the Bundaberg Rum Distillery Experience tour here.


4. Help Save an Endangered Species

Witness a miracle in the Bundaberg North Burnett Region as Mumma turtles nest November – January, and hatchlings emerge January – March. You can tick this awesome experience off your bucket list, and 'help save an endangered species with 100% of profits going to turtle research and conservation.

Where can I tick this off? Book in for your Mon Repos Turtle Encounter, Early November – Late March


5. Visit a Working Brewery

Bargara Brewing Company operates out of their restaurant, The Brewhouse, where you can take a tour of the brewery and enjoy a beer and pizza while beer is being made right in front of you.

Where can I tick this off? Head to Bargara Brewing Company 'The Brewhouse' for a bevvie


6. Fly to a Tropical Island

Pack your backpack or suitcase and head to the airport. Enjoy a scenic flight from Bundaberg or Brisbane airport to the picturesque Lady Elliot Island. See the manta rays and turtle swim from a birds-eye view.

Where can I tick this off? Take a trip out to Lady Elliot Island with Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort


7. Take a Selfie with a Turtle

Pic or it didn't happen! Snap a selfie with a cute flippered local on the Southern Great Barrier Reef. Our turtles are curious and in abundance so make sure you have your camera ready, but if you miss your shot, you're sure to get another one!

Where can I tick this off? Take a day trip out to Lady Musgrave Island or Lady Elliot Island


8. See a Movie in an Old-School Theatre

Stroll the storybook town of Childers  and catch a movie at the restored Paragon Theatre built in 1927. Enjoy a locally-made Mammino Gourmet Ice-cream and watch a blast from the past.

Where can I tick this off? Paragon Theatre, Childers (check movie times)


9. Hold a Crocodile

Be brave and handle a croc at Snakes Downunder (even if it is only a baby). Snap a pic to give your mum a scare and tick it off your bucket list.

Where can I tick this off? Have this experience at Snakes Downunder


10. Climb a Volcano

Climb The Hummock, albeit a dormant volcano, but a volcano none the less. Take a packed picnic lunch or head to Bargara and grab some fish and chips to enjoy at the top with panoramic views of city, farmland and sea.

Where can I tick this off? Take the easy walk up to The Hummock


11. Have a Prawn Peeling Competition

Head to Grunske's by the River to purchase some fresh, delicious prawns from their seafood market to enjoy at home while you watch a game, or order 3 dozen for lunch from their restaurant with your best mate and challenge them to a prawn peeling competition.

Where can I tick this off? Pick up some caught-that-day fresh seafood by Grunske's by the River


12. Hike Every Trail in a National Park

There are more than 10 National Parks in the Bundaberg North Burnett Region, with Mount Walsh, one of the biggest and best. From easy walks to rockpools and picnic spots to a more difficult climb to breathtaking views of the North Burnett, why not hike them all?

Where can I tick this off? Head out early in the morning to Mount Walsh in the North Burnett to get all your hikes in (may take a day or two)


13. Kiss Underwater

Soppy and romantic, we know, but guys (and girls) get up some brownie points with your partner and push that 'I'm too cool' attitude aside for 5 seconds and give your lover a smooch underwater.

Where can I tick this off? As easy as it would be to get this over quickly at the beach you might end up kissing a mouthful of sand after a few waves, so take you S.O out to the Southern Great Barrier Reef and kiss with the turtles and effervescent coral.


14. Watch the Sun Rise and Set in One Day

Enjoy sunrise and sunset from The Hummock after your morning and evening walk, see the sunrise with a coffee at Bargara and watch it set with fish and chips at the turtle park, or take a few days off and spend a couple days enjoying sunrise and sunset after another at Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort.

Where can I tick this off? The Hummock, Bargara & the Coral Coast, Woodgate Beach, Lady Elliot Island, Bundaberg Port Marina


15. Eat like a Locavore for a Week

Locavore: a person whose diet consists only or principally of locally grown or produced food

Our delicious and inventive cafes pride themselves in being at the forefront of the locavore movement, and why not, when you have 25% of Australia's fresh produce grown right under your feet. Join the locavore movement for a week, dine out every day or grab your locally-grown produce from the markets or local grocers.

Where can I tick this off? The Bundaberg Region is full of locavore-connoisseurs whose restaurant menus are adorned with fresh, local produce, with enough dishes to get you through the week, or go for a drive and pick up some fresh produce from the roadside farm stalls dotting the roads.


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