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Bundaberg to Elliott Heads half day food trail adventure

Guest Blogger Bio Jess Marsellos

Beach dips, ice-cream and lookouts are all covered day tripping from Bundaberg to Elliott Heads. Proposed times are for the early birds, but you can push it back if you are not a morning person. 


Time to hit the road!

8:30am - coffee and a light breakfast

Enjoy a light breakfast and coffee on the road as you head out on Princess Street and stop by One Little Farm. A team of friendly local baristas will definitely serve you a strong brew to keep you going all morning with a small selection of toasties, croissants and treats to be had from their assortment of food from the onsite coffee shop. 


9am - hello patchwork places of Bundaberg

As you drive along Bargara Road, look to the right and see the only real hill around! This is the Hummock and it was once a volcano that burst forth and gifted the region with the rich, red soil our delicious produce is now grown in. Take Carl Rehbein road and weave your way to the summit. Stop, take photos atop the rock, read a bit about the region's history and then travel back down towards Windermere Road.


9:15am - bananas, garlic and all things grown

You will see two farm gate stalls along this patch of road, one selling garlic, avocados and more with little black and white signs advertising what is in store. The next one along looks like a little tin shed and you will often find potatoes, sweet potato, bananas and more. Check for the signs to see what’s in season and whether they are open. They are honesty box systems so bring change.

9:45am - another lookout, this time spotting submarines

What is now the ANZAC memorial is also called Submarine Lookout at Elliot Heads. Perched atop the seaside cliffs, this is where volunteers used to try and spot enemy ships and submarines. It is a pretty good crows nest if you ask us. Park the car here and take a walk down the hill, try to spot dolphins and other marine creatures from your birdseye view.


10:15am - find the mermaid lagoon and even have a dip

Elliott Heads has a special lagoon, dubbed the “mermaid” lagoon by locals. You can find reef fish, soft corals and lots of wonderful life bobbing about at the ocean's edge. Best found at very low tide and be careful on the rocks. Head towards Dr Mays island on the right and when you are directly across from it climb over the rocks towards the water's edge and you should find it. Look out for the resident Osprey that has been sighted nibbling on fish caught fresh from the ocean too. 

Fun Fact: Did you know Dr Mays Island is home to a number of nesting and migratory shorebirds? Between September 1 and April 30 each year, Bundaberg Regional Council partially close the island to protect the rare shorebirds which visit from Siberia and Alaska. If you're planning a visit during this time, help us protect these incredible shorebirds by keeping your distance and remain outside the designated shorebird area that will be marked by signs.


11:30am - grab some fish and chips

Driftwood cafe and kiosk has some pretty yummy fish and chips. Grab a bite for lunch to keep you going, but don't fill up too much because next stop - ice cream and strawberries! 

12:45pm - strawberries and the best ice cream in town 

Tinaberries is a bit of a Bundaberg institution, they are known for the most plump, delicious and juicy strawberries around but are fast growing a reputation as major players in the ice cream department. Using their delicious strawberries and other local ingredients like blueberries, limes, passionfruit and dragonfruit, a stop by for an ice cream is not to be missed. You will be nestled next to the old farm house, under a windmill with fields surrounding you. Pretty special.  In strawberry season (late May to October) you can get a punnet of their delectably grown berries too and look out for pick your own at various times. 


1:30pm - sweet potato, sweet potato

On your way back into town, if you didn’t get enough strawberries at Tinaberries, stop by Luscious Fruit. They sell frozen and a range of sauces and jams too. Just down the road from Luscious is a stall selling sweet potatoes by the bag too. Pop some change in and grab a bag.

2pm - Bakery treats and an explore at Innes Park

Take a right turn to Innes Park Road from Elliott Heads Road for a detour to the bakery and the Innes park inlet. A popular spot with families it’s where the ocean creates a channel. Some rare nudibrachs (or Spanish Dancers) have been sighted in this passage along with lots of lovely spots to sit and relax or rock hop and explore. 

3:30pm - Visit Olsens corner to stock up on some extra local ingredients

If you are planning on making a delectable salad for dinner (check out the strawberry and avocado recipe below) head to Olsens Corner foodworks where resident grocer Jimmy (you can’t miss him in his denim apron) can tell you what’s in season and where it’s from. There are lots of amazing cheeses and meats in the deli too, alongside a great range of Bundaberg made products.

Jesss Recipe Pick Strawberry Avocado Salad

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