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Get Fit for Cane2Coral in 72 Hours

Cane2Coral is only a few days away and you promised yourself last year that you'd start exercising for Cane2Coral 2017. Now, countless "I'll start on Monday"s later and 12 month of good intentions, you are still not prepared for race day. Don't fret, we've got you covered with our quick hit, get fit, hot tips to ensure you are in prime condition this Sunday 6 August, and if all fails, you can always start on Monday.

1. Diet

Proper nutrition is essential when preparing for a big run and food creates energy, so make sure you head down to your favourite café spot in the days leading up to the run. Smashed avocado is healthy, right?

(Credit: Scotties_food_adventures)

2. Attire

ACTIVEWEAR, ACTIVE WEAR, having coffee at Indulge in my ACTIVEWEAR. We all know buying new activewear is the first step to starting a healthy lifestyle, and since that 'Instagrammable moment' can't happen without the perfect outfit this is an essential step.

(Credit: Van Vuuren Bros)

3. Sleep

Skip that early morning run on Saturday and sleep in to refresh, recharge and heal your body from the work week.

4. Exercise

We all knew it would come to this point eventually... stop in to any one of our gyms and grab a day pass.  Go for a walk on a treadmill and text your friends about that 'post-cane2coral' Sunday session you've got planned. Grab your dog and take the scenic walk along one of our dog-friendly beaches, or grab a matcha green tea latte (on skim milk, obviously) from a café at Bargara and walk along the esplanade with your training buddy.

(Credit: Cheriegabrielle)

5. Recovery

Starting a new exercise regime can be hard on your muscles so make sure you allow your body some time to repair and recover. Try a massage or a soak in a hot bath with some Amandine Lavender essential oils and candles, you deserve it.

(Credit: Amandine Lavender)

6. Reward Yourself

After the race, reward yourself for successfully being "healthy" for 72 hours with lunch out with your friends, a local wine and cheese platter, or buy yourself that dress you saw in the shop window last week.

(Credit: Vovo Modelle)

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