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Growing A Legacy: Macadamias Australia Visitor Experience

In the heart of Bundaberg, amidst the patchwork quilt-like landscape that defines the region's agricultural prowess, stands Macadamias Australia Visitor Experience, a living testament to the Steinhardt family decades-long journey that goes beyond their lush macadamia orchards.

As custodians of the land for more than 60 years, the Steinhardt family have transformed Macadamias Australia into a thriving haven and recognised leader of macadamia nut production in Australia. With a commitment that goes beyond farming—the Steinhardt family has tended to the earth with reverence, their hands entwined with the roots of their macadamia trees passing on a family legacy that transcends generations.

It’s their love for the land, each other, and a passion for producing the finest nuts that truly sets them apart. It wasn’t until 2004 that founders Ron and Marion Steinhardt sowed what would be their family’s greatest success story, grown from their humble beginnings and small parcel of land. Fast forward to today, and this third-generation farming family who have been entrusted to carry on the legacy of their parents, have opened their doors to share their family’s great care with visitors at Macadamias Australia Visitor Experience.  

A genuine tree-to-table offering, you can feel the generational ties that bind the Steinhardt family to Bundaberg and the macadamia industry as you weave your way through their immersive visitor centre nestled on their original family orchard. As you step into the Macadamias Australia Visitor Experience, it's like entering a time capsule of agricultural history and family heritage, where the Steinhardt family's story unfolds.

With every step, you gain a deeper appreciation for the meticulous care woven into each flavour-filled macadamia, a profound understanding of the family's commitment to feeding the nation with premium, single-origin nuts, and great care for the earth through conscious and sustainable farming.

Having grown, harvested, and produced macadamia nuts for decades, the Steinhardt family embraced innovation and an appreciation for cultivating nutritious treats for all. From traditional raw macadamias, slightly salted, to expanding the palette and testing boundaries with chocolate coated, lemon myrtle and now sweet chilli macadamias nuts to be shared and cracked open at the family table.

Shining a light on the processes beyond your plate, enjoy a self-guided journey through recycled wooden totems and interactive displays, and salivate over the chocolate viewing room where their luxuriously creamy macadamia nuts are transformed into an even more indulgent snack. From tasting sessions, to a guided orchard tour through the family’s first planted macadamia tress, this premium agritourism experience will leave you feeling inspired and connected through are shared genuine love for the land and growing a sustainable future.

After immersing in history and sampling their range, take a seat at The Orchard Table and bask in their enchanting locally sourced and macadamia inspired menu that will tantalise tastebuds, highlighting the regions abundant food bowl which feeds the nation 365days a year.

For the Steinhardt family, the Visitor Experience isn't just a destination; it's a testament to their enduring commitment to sharing their passion with the world. It's a place where stories are told, memories are made, and connections are forged—a living, breathing tribute to the values that have guided them for generations.

So, if you ever find yourself in Bundaberg, amidst the rows upon rows of macadamia nut trees, sweet potatoes, sugar cane, avocado orchards and so much more, take a moment to visit Macadamias Australia Visitor Experience and discover one of the hearts that make our region the nations largest producer of native macadamia nuts.


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