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Heritage Treasures of Bundaberg

Bundaberg has a wealth of heritage treasures that lace the bustling streets of Bundaberg's CBD, made for the perfect historic conscious holiday. If you're searching for a journey that will transport you back in time, enjoy a morning stroll along Bourbong Street, Maryborough Street and Barolin Street, and admire the towering heritage listed buildings that stand tall. To help discover our regions treasures, here are a handful must-see sites for you to uncover and a short introduction to their history. 

1. The Old National Australia Bank is a colonial design building built in 1891 overlooking the pristine gardens of Buss Park. Upon stumbling across this unique building, take note of the wide colonial verandas that are embellished with cast iron lace balustrades, a distinctive feature of buildings of that period. Other features of this historical building include a shingled roof, louvred wooden window shutters, arches and moulded railings on the lower veranda. The small building located behind the bank was originally used as a stable for horses. Oh to have been a fly on the wall during this time. 

2. Situated on the corner of Maryborough St and Woongarra St, is the Christ Church, Church of England. The first Anglican Christ Church, Church of England was built in Quay street in 1876. In 1899 the church was moved to Woongarra street near the present site. The present church was completed in 1927, built in an English Gothic style with the characteristic features of pointed arches, bell tower and 34-metre spire tower. The stone walls surrounding the grounds, the lichgate and the wayside cross are in keeping with old English customs.

3. The water tower in Sussex street (not included in the CBD Heritage walk) is listed on the National Trust. “On each storey the brick work is punctuated by eight round arched windows, four blind and four glazed, each with stone sills. The tower is a landmark in East Bundaberg and a structure of industrial archaeological significance.


4. The Holy Rosary Church was the first church in The Holy Rosary Church was the first church in Bundaberg, opening on this site in October 1875. Anew brick building facing Barolin street was completed in 1888, reconstructed with transept and sanctuary in the shape of a cross in 1926. The design of the present building is an adaptation of a Roman temple, similar to early Christian churches built in southern Europe. Note the Roman Doric columns at the front entrance, the cross and statues above the cornices and the large stained glass windows.


5. The School of Arts Building in Bourbong Street is the oldest public building still standing in Bundaberg, built in 1888/89. The wide colonial verandas, iron laced balustrades and iron laced decorations on the roof are features of late Victorian architecture. 


6. The Post Office building and tower was opened in 1890 and the exterior has remained virtually unchanged since its construction. The ground floor features wonderful pillars and arches and the upper floor is dominated by colonial verandas with cast-iron balustrades.


7. The Linden Clinic in Barolin street was built in 1913 as a home for Doctor Egmont Schmidt whose father had emigrated from Berlin, Germany. The home was named after Lindenstrasse, an avenue of striking linden trees, in Berlin. A time capsule containing money and newspapers of the period was placed in one of the walls when it was built. The building design shows a very distinctive European influence (in the Queen Anne style) and has been used as a group medical practice since 1975.

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