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More than just rum, it’s an experience for all the senses

Guest Blogger Bio Jess Marsellos

Upon arriving at Australia’s largest craft distillery the scent of cane country wafts in the air. Sweet molasses, the hustle and bustle of a working sugar mill and maybe even the sound of a cane train arriving with a freshly cut batch of sugarcane in tow. Bundaberg Rum is in the beating heart of Bundaberg sugar cane country and the two go hand in hand with the fresh molasses (a by-product of cane production) carted over to the distillery to be made into this special rum that is proud to call Bundaberg home.

For 125 years the distillery has been an integral part of the community, many of its core staff members are Bundy born and bred. Their passion for locals and the Bundaberg region shines through in every bottle as it's matured right here, which is why Bundaberg is so often and lovingly referred to as the ‘rum city’. The distillery, by promoting sustainable agriculture and sourcing local ingredients, enables local tourism and the economy to grow and thrive (all while tasting pretty darn good). They are good to the locals and the locals are good to them. 

Here in the rum heartland of Bundaberg are some top reasons to visit one of the worlds’ most amazing and top awarded distillery experiences even if the amber liquid is not one of your go-to tipples.  With taste sensations in the line up like Banana Toffee Liqueur (think Banoffee pie), Salted Caramel, Spiced and special release rums - there really is something for everyone from the most seasoned rum drinker to taking your first taste. 

The tours are informative, and funny

Read any of the reviews online and nearly everyone says how good natured, fun and informative the tours are. The tour guides' laid-back personalities and quirky dad jokes are an integral part of the tour experience and really make you feel like you're going to love rum, even if you know you typically don’t like it. Majority of the guides are locals -they’ve got Bundaberg Rum pride pumping through their veins. The tours run every hour and you can book ahead or rock up on the day. 

Behind the scenes

Some tours for whatever reason don’t let you walk or see or experience where the actual spirit is produced. This tour does. You will walk, see, taste, smell and be immersed into the heart of rum production. Kick off with the Bundaberg Rum Museum self-guided tour where you will be transported back in time before uncovering the heart of the distillery where past master blenders roamed, and the proud legacy of Bundaberg Rum continues to thrive today. You will see the fermentation tanks, walk through a big barrel and be in awe of the enormity of the molasses shed and taste the tipple that takes your fancy at the end of the tour at the Tasting Bar. 


Reduce, reuse and recycle. 

There are lots of by-products of sugar cane production and in the heart of cane country, rum and sugar go hand in hand with one of the primary components of a good rum being molasses. You will get to see the vast vats (5 million litres!) of molasses at the start of your distillery tour which is fresh from the neighbouring sugar mill across the road.  100 percent of the wastewater from producing this iconic spirit goes back to sugar cane farms by way of irrigation and the production of rum uses 100 percent green steam with a commitment to reducing carbon emissions. You can read more about Bundaberg Rum’s commitment to environment and sustainability here

You can make your own, bespoke rum, or gift it

A super sought after experience not to be missed is the Blend Your Own Experience, and as its name suggest, you can expect to be blending your own signature rum. This is an intimate (only 8 people at a time), next level experience where you can taste, smell and combine premium rum combos to make your own two bottles of personalised rum. You can gift them, share them or take home as a keepsake! If you're this has tempted you, take a look here for more info and itinerary of this iconic experience.


More than just rum

There is your standard Bundaberg Rum but the spiced rum, top shelf blenders editions and royal liquers are fast gaining a passionate following and some are exclusively available only at the Distillery. The Banana and Toffee, Salted Caramel, Coffee and Chocolate liqueurs are best poured over ice, with milk or as a delicious addition to your next dinner party dessert.  

Perfect spot for a pic

The Big Bundaberg Rum bottle is insta, facebook or whatever socials you subscribe to worthy. It’s fun to stand next to and be in the heart of rum country with its iconic bear and bottle combo. Check out these fun pics below to get inspired.


A trip to Bundaberg would not be complete without visiting the birthplace of Australia’s most iconic rum and largest craft distillery, whether you drink it or not, you will find something to taste, see, smell and remember for your journey ahead. 

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