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Say G’day to fresh, local produce on the Goodwood Rd food trail

Guest Blogger Bio Jess Marsellos

Day tripping to somewhere new is always lots of fun. Stopping by lesser known spots, local hideaways is the name of the game, and on the trip from Bundaberg to Childers via Goodwood Road you will find nearly all of the ingredients you need to craft something spectacular, while taking in some untouched beaches, art and military memorabilia.  This is one of our ultimate local food trails, take cash (small denominations like $1 and $2 coins) and meander for a half day turn around trip and discover something special.

8am - Breakfast & coffee on the run - Alloway Farm Market

Take the Goodwood Road way to Childers from Bundaberg and stop in at Alloway Farm Market (opens 7 days 8am to 5pm). Here you can pick up locally made chutney, relish and baked goods and a locally roasted coffee from Tom at Barking Dog. They are also home to figs that are available 365 days a year, there is never not a fig season! Redridge produce also grow delicious sheppard avo’s and truss tomatoes. Lots of good on the road snacks too like macadamias, Gin Gin and Dry dried fruit.

8:30am - Sink your toes in the sand at Coonarr

Take a short detour off Goodwood Road to see a beautiful, untouched stretch of beach with amazing shells, pandanus lined sand dunes and white sand. Take Coonarr Road, then left into Coonarr Beach Road which will take you to the Esplanade where you can park and access the beach with ease. There is a picnic table and bathroom facilities there too. If you want to really spend some time look up the Vera Scarth Johnson Wild Flower Reserve.

9:30am - Sweet snacking snowpeas - Nashy’s Fruit & Vegetables

Just on the right after you come back from Coonarr beach, keep an eye on the hand painted sign for when open, but usually during peak produce season between May and October. Here you can find the sweetest snow peas, strawberries, lemons and avocados. Open 7 days from 7am to 5pm.

9:45am - Sweet potato 1838 Goodwood Rd, Goodwood

We are known and grow nearly all of Australia's sweet potatoes in the region so why not pick up a bag of freshly picked potatoes? This is a quick pull in a farm gate stall with an honesty box system. Often avocados are available too.

10:15am - Insane Caffine, 79 Churchill St Childers

G’day Farm Cart (same location)

Here you can get more amazing coffee, fill up your tummy with a delicious brunch and also check out an amazing farm gate stall that is only available Friday and Saturday mornings (from 7am to 1pm). The G’day cart is packed to the brim with organically grown herbs, greens and vegetables and you can taste the difference! They are literally picked the day before they arrive on the cart. Greg and Dionne use non-traditional farming methods and permaculture techniques to ensure maximum taste and no nasties.

The details: G’day farm cart at Insane Caffine 79 Churchill St, Childers, Friday and Saturday 7am to 1pm. Don't forget to bring your cash, it’s an honour system. Limited produce available at One Little Farm, 3/133 Bargara Rd, Bundaberg, If you are interested in regular orders and purchasing with them you can check out the website here.


11:15am - History & Art- visit the art gallery & military memorabilia museum

The Childers art space has a rotating schedule of exhibitions from both local and visiting artists, spanning everything from crochet, pottery, visual art, sculpture and more. Well worth a pop upstairs at 72 Churchill St. The gallery is also home to the Childers backpacker memorial. The military memorabilia museum is a hidden gem packed to the brim with military memorabilia from all over the world. It has over 30,000 items from 140 countries! Tucked down Ashby lane off the main street in Childers.


12:30pm - Grab a Mammino Ice Cream at the Paragon Theatre

Mammino ice cream is hand made and a traditional family recipe that has spanned many generations. and now you can grab one from the Paragon Theatre in Churchill St. Sit outside and enjoy the bustle of the main street while chowing down on Macadamia, Red Dirt, coconut, mango, passionfruit, vanilla, double chocolate, peppermint, rum royale, salted caramel and many more.


1:00pm - Hit the road back to Bundaberg and grab some macadamias

Take Goodwood Rd again and if you missed it on the way out to Childers, stop in at Macadamias Australia (4625 Goodwood Rd, Alloway QLD 4670). They are open Monday to Friday until 5pm and stock a full range of macadamias grown on their surrounding farms including raw, salted, lemon myrtle, milk and dark chocolate.


1:30pm - Need more supplies for dinner? Hit up Olsens Corner Foodworks Crn Walker & Barolin Sts

Check out the recipe below and if you are planning on cooking up a storm with your collected produce, you can grab any of the missing ingredients from local grocer and providor Olsens Foodworks. Majority of their fruit and vegetables is local, as are most of their staples. You can find lots of amazing locally made products here.


Suggestions for what to cook with your collected produce

Greg and Dionne from G’day Farm Cart have provided us with some amazing recipes using the produce off their cart and other locally available ingredients. Try these two favourites we picked from their culinary creations here.


Follow the trail or build your own!


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