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Bundaberg and the North Burnet is a fisherman’s best friend with its river-to-reef fishing options. Check out the key spots to cast a line while you’re here, whether a keen angler or a budding beginner.

Local's Tips

You'll find a fisher's paradise upstream in the Kolan River, at the overflow of freshwater from Monduran Dam.  In the floods of the past few years, Barramundi washed over the dam wall and now inhabit the top freshwater sections of the river.  There are days when it is nothing to catch 6-8 Barra in a morning session.

Geoff Beyer

Bundaberg Port Marina | Manager

fishing and boating

Fishing Guide

The Mouth of the Burnett River

The mouth of the Burnett River is a haven for Mackerel and Tuna so drop some metal slugs, barra spoons or squid skirts and start catching. You can also try the north wall for Moses Perch, Bream, Flathead and Whiting.

Bundaberg Port

Try your luck and cast a line for the elusive Mangrove Jack, Barramundi and Fingermark.

Ferry Crossing

Catch a feast of mud crab and prawns at Rubyana Creek, or hunt for large Salmon, Trumpeter and Mangrove Jack.

Large Sandbar near the Red Beacon at Fairymead

Pack your yabby pump and pull up some live bait. Throw in your line and wheel in some flathead and whiting while the kids go for a swim. This is an ideal place to take the kids fishing for the first time.

Kirby’s Wall

Prawn, squid and soft plastics are a favourite for the locals swimming below the surface here. Fish along the large bank of rocks jutting out from the shoreline for a feed of Bream, Cod and Moses Perch.

Town Reach

A prime area for Trevally and Queenfish, Town Reach is best fished at the hightide mark. A hot water outlet behind Millaquin Mill where structures are riddled with oysters giving soft plastic anglers quite the challenge.

Tallon Bridge

One of the deepest holes in the river, so drop a line with live bait and lure in Salmon, Trumpeter, Bream, Cod and Flathead.

Toft Rocks

Best at high tide this stretch of rocks crossing almost halfway across the Burnett River. A popular spot to cast a line for Mangrove Jack, Bream, Trumpeter, Whiting and Flathead.

Splitters Creek

Splitters Creek is a mud crab and prawn haven, so throw out the cast net and put the pots in to catch a feed for tonight’s dinner.