World Science Festival - Turtle Hatchlings

Come experience the wonder of nature and science in action at the Mon Repos Turtle Encounter. See the turtles hatch in the wild and make their way to the sea for the first time, an unrivalled and unforgettable experience.

Book your tickets today, turtle season ends 18 March 2018.

Did you know that the eggs that hatch at the World Science Fair in Brisbane are collected from Mon Repos Beach? The eggs were collected by the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection's Chief Scientist, Dr Col Limpus. Dr Col recently celebrated an amazing 50 years in turtle conservation.

Mon Repos, on the coast of Bundaberg, just four hours north of Brisbane, supports the largest concentration of nesting marine turtles on the eastern Australian mainland and has the most significant loggerhead turtle nesting population in the South Pacific region.

It is an amazing sight to see these huge creatures heaving their way up the beach to find a safe spot to dig a nest and lay their eggs. And then, if you're lucky, to come back some 6-8 weeks later and see the tiny hatchlings emerging from their sandy nests to scurry down the beach towards the sea. (Season runs from November to March).

To read more or to purchase tickets to the turtle conservation experience please click here.

World Science Fair - turtle hatchlings