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Meet the Great 8!

Guest Blogger Bio Natalie Lobartolo

From microscopic plankton to whales, the array of life on the reef is unlike anywhere else on the planet. While searching for the charismatic Great 8, what other hidden treasures might you find?

If you’re looking for a reef experience where you can spot the Great 8 with all the family, the southern Great Barrier Reef is your go-to. Whether it’s on a dive, snorkel, or from the dry safety of a glass bottom boat, you’ll be accompanied by a knowledgeable and friendly guide who will ensure you spot and get to know everything about the most captivating and enchanting critters, great and small.

Your Master Reef Guide Top Tips and Fun Facts!

You’ll never see any giant clam exactly the same colour as another – each is unique and can be anything from fine intricate beige stripes, to leopard prints, to iridescent blues, greens, yellows and purples.

Spotting Giant Clams amongst a garden of coral is like venturing into a gorgeous field to pick a bunch of the most beautiful flowers. Of course this is a marine protected area so you can’t take any animals home as souvenirs, but the vast array of Giant Clam patterns and colours sure do make for an epic photo collage – give it a go on your next visit.

Here’s the catch: Giant Clams have little light receptors in their tissues that sense when a predator (or human) is hovering over them, so they’ll often close up as you swim towards them, and open back up as you swim away. It makes the challenge of capturing their beauty all the more exciting!

Want to do more?

Add a little meaning to your trip by downloading the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority’s Eye on the Reef Sightings App. Learn more before visiting the reef, take some photos while you’re there and then submit your sightings through the app. You can share it with your friends on social media, and the information goes straight to the management authorities, helping them to better understand and manage the Great Barrier Reef and all its wonder.

The beauty is in the details! None of these creatures would be here without the coral reef itself, so while the charismatic mega fauna is exciting to see, don’t forget to appreciate the beauty in the details and the often unnoticed heroes in the background: the coral animals themselves.

Take A Reef Safari From Bundaberg!

Spot all of the Great 8 on your next Bundaberg, Southern Great Barrier Reef holiday on a day trip or overnight to our off-shore coral cays. For more information and to book, see Southern Great Barrier Reef

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Meet The Great 8: Sharks

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