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Keep warm this Winter in the Bundaberg Region

With winter rolling in, it's the perfect time to head north to the warm and sunny Bundaberg Region. So jump in the car, forget about winter and follow our top picks to escape those cold days!

Share the reef with Manta Rays

Ever wanted to see one of the world's largest fish? Now's the time! Although we see the magnificent Manta Rays year-round at the Southern Great Barrier Reef, they're even more concentrated during winter. Right now, masses of these gentle creatures are visiting to feed and mate.


Search for whales

Every Winter, humpback whales make their annual journey from Antarctica to the warmer waters of the Eastern coast of Australia to birth, feed and play. With just a short boat ride from Bundaberg, get up close to the playful juveniles and caring mothers with their babies.


Swim the Southern Great Barrier Reef

No need for full-length wetsuits, our warm weather means snorkelling the reef is enjoyable all year-round. Explore Lady Musgrave Island and Lady Elliot Island to check the beautiful Southern Great Barrier Reef off your bucket list this winter!


Explore a scuttled navy ship

Dive the wreck of scuttled ex-navy ship, HMAS Tobruk. The ship rests 30 metres below the surface, just off the coast of Bundaberg among the year-round marine life. Lucky for us, the turtles, groupers, coral and trevally don't mind which season it is!


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