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Feeding the nation: The delicious Bundaberg Bowl

Bundaberg North Burnett is one of the largest fresh produce rich regions in Queensland. It's for that reason that the area is sometimes referred to as Australia's tastiest food bowl - or as us locals call it the 'Bundaberg Bowl', growing and producing fresh food that is served on tables right across the county and internationally.

From pecans and tomatoes to strawberries and sweet potatoes, the region's rich red volcanic soil and near-perfect growing conditions produce an amazing array of fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy and other freshly picked goodness to keep Aussie tummies full every day. And when it comes to eating fresh, Bundaberg North Burnett farmers are the first to tell you that seasonal produce is the way to go!

Some fruits, nuts and veggies, like the macadamia nut, ginger and figs, are readily available right through the year. Others, like passionfruit, zucchini and mandarin, prefer the cooler months, while water dew melons, watermelons and lychees, are at their peak in the warmest periods of the year. For a list of seasonal availability, we've got you covered - download our fruit, veggie and nut calendars here.


Modern technology and transport systems mean we can access produce all through the year, with items shipped in from overseas. But we recommend you do yourself – and our local growers – a favour by eating fresh, seasonal produce for maximum taste, nutrition and variety.

The same is true for some seafood, with seasonal availability influenced by environmental factors such as rainfall and temperature for prawns, scallops, bluefin, crabs and coral trout. The majority of seafood is available throughout the year – check our seafood availability calendar for more information.
If you're visiting our beautiful region, you can sample the fine fare at any of our restaurants and cafes to taste the difference that can only be found in the freshest produce. Many of our farmers and producers supply directly to the kitchen door of local venues, so it's quite possible that the ingredients on your dinner plate may have been picked that morning!


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