From the CEO

As we all move along this rollercoaster of change and juggling the emotions that come with it, we only have to stop and look around the Bundaberg Region and be reminded of the exceptionally good in our community.

We don’t know how long exactly we’re going to be experiencing this new way of living, but we do know that life is not about merely making our own bread anymore…it’s about all pitching in to save the bakery.  (I heard this analogy on one of the many webinars this week, and it really resonated with me!)  Essentially, it’s all about community. This is the time that we pull together and help eachother to get through. And that’s the focus for the team at BT – supporting you, our tourism industry and Bundaberg business community.  

Whilst we’ve seen creative shifts across the region from resilient businesses, with some of them already featured across the media, including the Queensland Blog, Scott Morrison’s Linkedin, and locally on Bundaberg Now, we have also made changes at Bundaberg Tourism, and we’ve highlighted some of these further below.  

If you’re in need of connecting, or want to ask a few questions of your fellow industry, please join us for the Tourism Virtual Happy Hour this afternoon at 4.00pm. (with thanks to BBEC for allowing us to tap into their Zoom account!)  You can Register here and we’ll look forward to seeing you then.

Take Care, stay safe and keep connecting.