A message from Katherine Reid, CEO

Right now, as Melbourne returns to lockdown and many Queenslanders breathe a sigh of relief as our own border restrictions ease from the 10th, there are heightened emotions around the nation as conversations turn to the economic consequences of a second wave.

Here in the Bundaberg Region, we have seen a bumper school holiday period, with Queenslanders turning out to support the region and enjoy the incredible natural assets and community spirit that we are famous for.  We have also seen a number of interstate guests who have sought safe harbour in our warm climate during lockdown or who have travelled from other areas in Queensland since the resumption of state-wide travel.

Tourism is a major industry for Bundaberg, with many small businesses across all sectors dependant on the visitor economy.

We are a resilient and generous region, and we are known for opening our arms to our guests and proud of our culture of warm hospitality. 

Thanks to our community support during lockdown and the patronage of our recent visitors, the vast majority of our tourism, hospitality, retail and other local businesses have been able to survive the past months.

Bundaberg Tourism is calling on all locals to rally together, to remain positive and to continue to offer our visitors the respect and hospitality we have always offered.  We have no active cases in the region, and many of our interstate guests within our region have been with us and supported our businesses throughout the past months.

All levels of Government are working closely with health and industry to protect Queensland, and Bundaberg Tourism will continue to keep the tourism industry and wider community informed of all changes and updates that are relevant to your safety and that of our guests.

So as we are buoyed by the hard work of all Queenslanders, with zero new cases in the state, let’s remember to be mindful of social distancing, to wash our hands thoroughly, and of course, to be kind to each other. Our regional economy needs the visitor dollar to propel us into recovery.