From the CEO

What a shock this morning to get the news of the Brisbane three (3) day lockdown.   

With Brisbane our biggest visitor market into the Bundaberg Region, the phones in the VIC have been running hot this morning with cancellations for Turtles and other tours around the region, as well as other regional locals taking advantage of the Brisbane cancellations wanting to snap up turtle tickets!   

We suspect that many of you would also be fielding the same sort of calls.  

We know the fast-moving health response to keep Queenslanders safe has meant a stressful day, however we have all built tremendous strength throughout 2020 to be able to ride this rollercoaster and we will all continue to do so into 2021!   

COVID-19 Information For You & Your Staff 

Our team have updated our COVID information page and encourage you to familiarise yourself with the current restrictions to assist in communicating with visitors and your own understanding, especially the following: 

Guests Arriving Over The Weekend 

We also understand that people are attempting to ‘escape Brisbane’ today before lockdown start at 6pm this evening.  The advice that we have received is: 

  • If you are an accommodation property, you can take this booking and check these people in if you like, however the directive from QLD Health is for these people from Brisbane need to self-isolate until 6pm Monday. 

  • If you are a tour or attraction operator, you are recommended not to take this booking as it is a directive for these people to not leave their accommodation.  

Keep Calm 002 

To enable us to quantify the impact to the Bundaberg regional economy, we urge you to keep a record of the cancellations that you are currently managing due to these new COVID restrictions, in particular the number of people and the value of the booking. One of our team will be reaching out early next week to ask for this information so that we may report a collective figure for the region.