Bundaberg Today: 2021 Trends 

Every year, the way people travel and take in new experiences changes.  For the Bundaberg region, some of the holiday trends tipped to be favoured by travelers for 2021 presents a range of positive potential for the destination and our visitor economy.

With uncertainty around borders, this year we can expect even more Queenslanders travelling enjoying the attributes of our backyard.  With driving holidays and people wanting to stay closer to home one of the biggest travel trends that has come with COVID. Being only a short 4-hour drive from Brisbane and the population of the south east means visitors can hit the road before the morning peak hour and be here for lunch, soaking up the sunshine, with sand between their toes for a farm fresh picnic and one of our award-winning drinks in their hand.

The second trend we’ll see come out stronger this year is people chasing space, seclusion, and simplicity.  Between our incredible National Parks and peaceful coastal camping spots, we are likely to see more people visiting our region to get back to nature and take a break from the rest of the world.  Asking around our office, we’re all looking to explore the hidden gems of our region this year and make the most of the simple things in life, especially in our region's own backyard.

Thirdly, because of lockdowns and travel significantly restricted, many of us missed out on connecting with friends and family for months on end.  Reconnecting with loved ones is certainly a feature in the top 5 trends for this year.  With experiences for the young and the young-at-heart, our region is a perfect spot for the extended family to reunite, and this would be a clever opportunity for businesses to include in their marketing for the year ahead. 

The pandemic gave many of us the time to really think about how we travel, and the impacts this has on the environment. And so, more people are looking to travel for good… to travel sustainably, to support communities by buying locally and to learn more about different cultures and ways of life.  How a business respects and minimises their impact on the environment and supports the local community are an important part of the regions story to tell.  So, if you are making commitments in your day-to-day operations towards sustainability, think about how you can communicate this with your audience through shop signage or information on your website.     

As we enter a year filled with changes for the tourism industry, these trends give us a good insight into what to expect for 2021, to work together to continue to build a thriving destination and to welcome visitors with extraordinary visitor experiences at every touch point.

Yours in tourism,

Katherine Reid, CEO

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