Weather alternatives for visitors 

Thanks to our beautiful climate, every season is the perfect season to explore our backyard. Our temperate waters mean that it is never too cold to snorkel alongside turtles on the Southern Great Barrier Reef or too hot to explore our roadside farm gates and pick up the fresh produce grown 365 days a year.

Being in this incredible subtropical climate means that from time to time, the sky opens up to help keep our backyard green and our farmlands thriving. However, no matter the weather, there’s always something exciting for visitors to discover and to make cherished holiday memories.

Wet Weather 

To encourage visitors to keep exploring during wet weather, we've created these resources.  

  • Keep Your Feet Dry With These Wet Weather Activities - this consumer-focused blog can be shared across your social media channels promoting the attractions and tours available during rainy weather. 

  • Wet Weather Activities - this interactive PDF gives a brief outline of the Wet Weather blog above. 

Rough Weather 

Impacted by the weather conditions, at times trips to our Southern Great Barrier Reef may need to be cancelled and rescheduled for the safety of visitors. Whilst there may be blue skies above us in Bundaberg, the weather can be vastly different at the reef.

If you have guests who have had their trip rescheduled, we have created an interactive PDF below to help you fill their day with all our other incredible experiences.  

  • Rough Weather Activities - this interactive PDF gives an overview of the alternatives for guests. 

For inspiration and tips for exploring the region, be sure to encourage your guests to follow our Facebook and Instagram channels, and visit our website

Bookeasy Affiliate Booking Engine

The Bookeasy Affiliate Booking Engine provides the next step for industry. Providing you with a fresh and innovative booking experience for your website, this process allows you to tap into our tours and attractions inventory through Bookeasy without any significant administration for your business. Not only will your guests be able to book via your website, this Affiliate Booking Engine also means your team will be able to easily book tours and attractions from reception for your guests. 

For guests who are looking for alternatives due to weather impacts or simply looking for ideas on what to do, the Affiliate Booking Engine is a great way to help visitors experience our beautiful destination. 

For more information, please reach out to our Visitor Services and Sales Manager Chantele Nelson via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone on (07) 4153 8888.